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  1. Great job! Thank you! Would you consider to also add a Muliatlas feature to the plugin?
  2. I think the setSensor() is just for this. Its working now.
  3. Hi guys, Is there a way for collision detection without using Matter or any physics. It would be great if I can use the special shape vector body, but I will happy for a rectangular body as well. Or if I am using physics, how can I avoid my sprite rebounding from other sprites. I just want to detect when they overlapped each other. I am using this:'collisionstart', function (event, bodyA, bodyB) {} Thanks
  4. hey guys, I have the same problem. did you find the solution?
  5. I have a unique camera system so I don't use the built in one. But as you questioned I tried to change the fixedToCamera property, but nothing's changed.
  6. Thank you Samme, It would have been definitely nice to use this feature, but what can I do if it's not working. On the other hand Phaser is a great library. Do you know where to report the bugs? I am not in the finish yet, so have time to find other solution or wait for the bugfix. Once more thanks, for your effort! I'll show you the final result...
  7. Thank you Samme, Unfortunately it doesn't work. I have tried as percent (0-1) and as pixels, but nothing. water.tileScaleOffset.x = .5; // % nothing changed water.tileScaleOffset.y = 500; // px nothing changed water.tileScale.x = 3; // working water.tileScale.y = 3; // working The base point of scaling is still (0, 0). Did I do something wrong?
  8. Hi Guys there, There is a game with multiple layers. The lowest one is the water. Camera is above. The layers are scaled differently and moving with different speed imitating that its a 3D world. I want to use only a screen size tile sprite rectangle for the water to avoid full world broad animated tile map. There is a zoom navigation tool which scales all the layers up and down based the on the centre of the screen and I want to zoom the water as well. Question one: Can I set the "anchor" base point for the scale on a tile sprite? I couldn't find any property for it. And the base point is the top left corner by default. Question two: Does it make sense to try saving hardware resources in this way? The water surface has to be about 20 times bigger than the screen. Many thanks for any help.
  9. How can I check if two sprite are overlapping or not at a given moment if both of them has special shape with loadpolygon? (eg. crosshairs rectangle vs. enemy on a click) Do I need to use P2? Maybe the solution is obvious, but I am absolutely beginner in Phaser.