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  1. You can move the, but not the game directly. I'm always putting all my gameObjects in Groups, so this is rarely a problem for me (then I can move the ui and game independently), but that should work.
  2. Looks like the same problem that I had with loading textures on iPhones. That is the reason I created my custom PIXI.Loader project. The built in loader tries to load everything at once, which works fine in most cases, but on iPhone something seems to get lost in the mix, and the loading is never finished. That is why I'm not doing any parallel loading in my PIXI.Loader project, but only start to load the next asset when the previous one is done. This seems to fix it for iPhones. I'm not actually sure if it's the same problem with IE11, but it looks like it if you're only having that problem when loading multiple sounds at once.
  3. I have a project here with a pixi loader I made, using howler.js. You can ignore most of the code, just look at the loadSounds in LoadingBar.js:
  4. I'm guessing that you're using the pixi-sound extension? In that case, is this the same problem that you are having: ? If it's not you'd have to make a small fiddle or something, so we can look at your code and test it. If you are not using any special effects or anything in your pixi.js project, might I suggest using howler.js instead. I use that in most of my projects without any problems.
  5. I would take a look at Phaser.Signal. With that you could create a shared signal between the selectors. Then when one character is selected you can dispatch the signal with the selected character as payload. Then depending on the character in the payload, you can toggle all buttons with listeners hooked up to the signal.
  6. When using Phaser, I would really recommend using the game.time helper, and not setTimeout. const myTimer = game.time.create() myTimer.add(duration, callback, context) myTimer.start() This will make it a lot easier if you are ever going to create a pause button in your game. The default js setTimeout will just keep going, but the Phaser built-in one will pause as well when you flip the pause bool in Phaser.
  7. Garlov

    Color Flow

    Hi, we just published our first game, Color Flow. It's a fast-paced little arcade game, where you click or tap the colored drops. This will earn you gold, and flasks in different colors, that can be used to unlock more features and improve the score earned for each drop. Try to reach the top of the leaderboard, either in score or in drops collected in a single run. Please feel free to leave comments here, or on Kongregate where I uploaded the game. If there are bugs, missing features or any other discrepancies please let me know! I can't fix anything if I don't know what to fix Graviton Digital