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  1. Hello all, My company is looking for a full-time Phaser developer. We are a printing/web development company located in British Columbia, Canada and are VERY open to a remote employee for this position. The games are used in lead acquisition campaigns, basically a potential lead plays a simple game for 30 seconds and receives a prize. You would be producing a wide variety of games, from shooting, golf to car racing. Timelines would range from a week up to three weeks for development time. A few details about this position: - Currently we use the Enclave game template. We would be open to switching formats (basically you would have a blank slate to work with). - Graphic background not required but would be welcomed. Graphics can be provided for games. - Hours may be flexible pending on deadlines etc. Would receive 35-40 hours a week. - Very flexible on work style and methods, you can basically create your own work environment. - Majority of team communication will be on Slack. - Training resources can be provided. If this sounds like something you may be interested email mike@waysideco.ca Just give a basic run down of your background and future goals, plus any questions you may have. Also, please provide an hourly rate expectation. Work samples would be welcomed as well. Thanks for your time!
  2. Phaser.Loader - tilemap[pmap32]: error loading asset from URL assets/maps/pmap32.csv (404) phaser.js:74259:13 Phaser.Loader - tilemap[test]: error loading asset from URL src/test.csv (404) phaser.js:74259:13 Phaser.Loader - tilemap[pmapdesk]: error loading asset from URL assets/maps/pmapdesk.csv (404)
  3. Hello, Think I'm having an issue with my preloader and CSV files. Funny enough it works running locally but when I put it on the server it is not loading the csv and giving me a blank screen. Have attached my preloader JS file, can see at Line 81 Preloader.js