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  1. Cirque du Mors - has just been released on YouTube: Open for NEW Commissions!
  2. Currently working on the game music soundtrack for MINI HOSPITAL - a super fun tycoon-style game coming out on mobile in December! The soundtrack is almost complete though - so I'm accepting new commissions NOW !
  3. Calico the game, is now on Kickstarter! (Check it out! I did the soundtrack!)
  4. Just did a new track for Calico (the super cute cat game):
  5. I pulled this list of free game art resources together a few months ago: 17 Great Places to Find Free Game Art. I hope it helps!
  6. Shakey's Escape original game music soundtrack is available on bandcamp.
  7. Quicklink to my credit list:
  8. Hello, I'm Ninichi & I'm a freelance game music composer. I've worked on the soundtracks for various indie games & can compose music in a very wide range of styles. I’m told that I’m incredibly versatile so do get in touch to explore working together. You can visit my website:, to get a better sense of me, my music, my credit list, testimonials etc. Here's a quick link to my game music page: For royalty-free music see: I’m also a great supporter of indie projects and would love to hear about yours and to explore whether I can help you and be a part of it. ----- Testimonials: - Thomas Hanley | Lead Game Developer at Owl Sanctuary Studios - Robert White | Creator of Shakey's Escape & Owner of Smashing Pixels Game Studio