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  1. Hi, I do not know if i missed something or not but as soon as I update my project to babylon 3.2 I get an error when using ScreenSpaceCanvas2D from the extension canvas 2d (i just draw a Rectanglle2D in it) . It seems it needs some function in the engine that doesn't exist anymore: getAlphaTesting and setAlphaTesting which seems to have been both deleted in current relase. So did i do something wrong or the extension canvas2d needs to be updated to take account of the change of function ?
  2. As i said, this particular solution doesn't solve my problem. Has the shadow is not affect at all, by alpha when the parameter is set (we don't have something like smooth shadow, but shadow or not shadow). Plus I want that my transparent mesh don't cast shadow in the general case I just have one exception. Still don't bother with it .Although it's a bit complicated for what I need to do the solution of Temechon is working.
  3. @Temechon , this is working thanks. Althought i thought it's a bit strange to have to update the render list if you update texture (has i have to delete them from render list if the texture has alpha on a "normal" mesh). @Wingnut As far as I see the engine support alpha like a boolean maybe i misunderstood the code but i don't think so.
  4. Hi, I'm currently using babylon for a project and I need to get one mesh with alpha < 1 and shadow. The other mesh with alpha should not have any shadow. As far as I dig it seems currently impossible, as ShadowGenerator._shadowMap._transparencyShadow would the way to do it and takes effect on all mesh. Is there any way to reach my goal in current version of babylon? If not, would it be ok, if i had a parameter on Babylon.mesh like _castShadowOnTransparency in a PR? Anyway I hope i'm clear, when i'm into, something i tend to consider some essential things to be evident for everyone .