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  1. In Guild Tycoon a set of 5 characters is pitted against a set of 5 enemies. Each unit has a stack of instructions, and when one returns true, it executes that one. If not, it moves on. If you set your character to "Heal allies if health is lower than 70% HP" and none of your allies fit that instruction, it'll move to the next "Hit first enemy with HP greater than 0". I logged each of those actions in a logic, and recorded it for each wave. This is then stored in a database and can be retrieved in the UI.
  2. First and foremost Guild Tycoon is a game where a player controls a set of characters, provides them with equipment, and sends them off to fight in dungeons awaiting their hopefully successful return with wonderful loot. Players over decades have seen this type of system in many different iterations from Diablo, to World of Warcraft, to, well…, Guild Tycoon! Personally, I adore games like Diablo and World of Warcraft where players can fight through battles and improve their characters to access forever expanding content within the game. However, I found that I grew somewhat wearisome of the re
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