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  1. What was the solution for this? Did you guys figure out how to do this?
  2. I started working on a game similar to Curve Fever (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojqBnYcxl0c). I’m new to Phaser and Pixijs, so I need advice on how to render a curve on the field. Right now i have two Graphics objects: head (circle using drawCircle()) with arcade physics enabled (to be able to move it around the map tail - static graphics copying head x and y on update drawing a line (lineTo(head.x, head.y) The problem is as you see in the video the grey curve has a texture background. Assuming i have a repeatable PNG with background, how could i map it within the curve that is being drawn? Other question is should I use BitmapData instead of Graphics? I would prefer a lightweight option that would run on older computers. I would also need to be able to detect collisions, I think it's possible to enable it for Graphics but not sure about bitmap.