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  1. I just played this game for 10 minutes! It is great! The game is very very smooth, may I ask how you made it work on the back-end (or is that all in phaser.io, not very familiar with these frameworks!)? I think some way to protect oneself would be nice, especially when there are a lot of people in the room. I can see a lifebar working well with this game (just a small life bar of 5 fractions floating over a character). Maybe killing an opponent gives a health? Just ideas Here are a list of bugs I found: 1. When I kill somebody (in a room of 2), while being the top scorer, it duplicates my name to the second place as well (so 1 and 2 were both me). It disappears after so it is not crucial bug. 2. Randomly get killed by opponent spawning on top of me because of unluckiness. Killed my 60 high score. An easy fix is invincibility or more like ghost mode for 3 seconds when spawn (or better, calculate a place where there is no one). 3. Getting robot spawned in the corner and getting killed. Same fix with the ghost mode where I am invincible for 3 seconds but I can't kill others neither. 4. Instead of the controller on PC, you can just put the controls in the corner. I didn't know space was for shoot. Just me being picky and telling you what went through my head (thought the game was about collecting stuff). Anyway great stuff! Really enjoyable and simple game!
  2. Hi, my name is David! I just discovered this forum and wanted to get your opinion on a game I made 2 years ago that was never finished (I recently finished another project and have some spare time for this game). The game is called Shitty Dungeon for now, because I had no inspiration for the name. The game is basically a small tile-based dungeon rpg with a fixed storyline combined with a randomly generated map (so some places have fixed maps, but the majority of the world is generated). The battle is fully automated, as in you step onto a monster and it fights to the end until someone is dead. This is my progress so far from 2 years ago! I got stuck after making the engine because I was over ambitious with the large pixel art and just in general a world generation that includes a fixed path. It all got too hard, and I wanted to release parts by parts which makes everything harder. Looking at it again, it looks fairly great. The art and engine were originally ported from a game i was making in python that looks like this: In any way, what do you think of it? I usually get stuck in the story/world/art (especially art with all the sprites and everything). I think I always aim too high and end with an unfinished product. I am thinking of redoing the art but with 32x32 pixel art (or even 24x24 or 16x16), so that I have extra time for the generation of the world which is what I really enjoy to code. I also have a question on canvases. To optimize for performance (did a lot of that in python!), my drawing engine draws into fixed canvases and stack them, and I use 4-5 screen-sized canvases. Would the performance drop badly if I used 4-5 screen-sized canvases Per Tile? or Per row? I don't refresh all of them every second I draw them once, but walking across to an undrawn area will draw the area first, and if appending and drawing 100 * 5 canvases at once instead of 5 might have jitters or something. Thank you for reading!