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  1. Is there any ways to draw outline for them? I know I can have multiple Text2D beneath it and act like "border". I'm just wondering if there's any better way of doing that.
  2. I have not gone to fragment shader part yet, because I am now figuring out how to sent the uv to the vertex shader. In the PG, I use the lines2d shaders because I don't know how to upload my slightly edited version of it and use in PG.
  3. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#9AHTEG I want to draw the texture on the line at the bottom left, and make it curve along with the line too. GUI is nice, and I may change to it in the future, but that still doesn't give me what I want. And from what I see, I won't have access to shaders that way too Aside from adding extra variable (_texture and _fillUV), I haven't changed any process from lines2d at all
  4. I want to draw a texture on the line that user draws on the screen. Like a mouse trail, so I follow this tutorial. . The only thing that doesn't answer me is sending the custom uv to the shaders. I vaguely remember that in C++, I can create struct or something and the shader will know how to handle it. It seems that is not the case here. I can't even figure out how does "index" property in vertex shader gets there. Even so, I can't use the "index" approach as the line won't be full rectangle as in the example. Right now, I copied & pasted the entire lines2d classes and try to customiz
  5. That ragdoll code shows me the idea. I have problem making it rotate along with the bone, but it doesn't matter as I don't need that much precision. Thanks for the help guys!
  6. It has something to do with mesh and bone movement in the animation, and I don't know any example that has bone and mesh animation.
  7. PG is babylon playgrounds, right? Is there any way to upload the mesh there?
  8. I have a mesh imported from .babylon file, and it has its animations. I put MeshImpostor in, expecting it to update with the animation, but it's not. It seems like it uses the first frame as the reference to the collision detection. Is there any way to update it? Code is something like this: var mesh = scene.meshes[0]; mesh.physicsImpostor = new BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor(mesh, BABYLON.PhysicsImpostor.MeshImpostor); //I tried to force it update it too, but doesn't seem to work. function update() { mesh.physicsImpostor.forceUpdate(); }
  9. I have two .babylon files. One with meshes and skeletons, but no animation. The other one has skeletons and animation, but no meshes. Turns out BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh doesn't load the skeletons at all, because there's no mesh in the file. Is there any way to import .babylon file with just skeletons and animation?
  10. I want the player to draw a free-form line on the screen. I've managed it by using Lines2D. Now I want to put some textures on the line. How should I do that?
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