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  1. hey @ivan.popelyshev, this sujet intrigue me. So alway better to perform this kind of packaging algo in texturePacker ? Do you mean the texture from pixi or make a spritesheet in pow2 will also ok ? From what i understand, the size constraint from texturePacker resize only the baseTexture.
  2. hum very strange, i never get this kind of issue on my side did you try update pixijs 4.8 ? i have no theory sorry, maybe wait other suggest.
  3. look here Edit ha oups!
  4. your plugin projection is russian black magic stuff lol. I think it just lack some more doc and example scenario of use, because after you make somes tests, you able to understand how to use it, but not how it work under the hood.
  5. ya, it was for another test from a bug related to interactiveChildren and hitArea but if you add some console.log target in BLUESQUARE interaction you should able to log the parent target
  6. i was made this demo, maybe it will be more revelen with class
  7. for me it look logic or maybe am not understand the issue here! If i have A and B , and B is inside A. If i out B. A will be target and B currentTarget. if i out A target will null currentTarget will be A. Am out 🤞
  8. if you console.log object without a breakpoint, when you open reference of the object in developer tool, it will refresh and you will see null on target it normal. Try add break point just after fired. Open developer tool before mouse hover in this example, it should work.
  9. ya you need play with to understand how it work. Also you have some tread here to help understand. It will return you the good coord.
  10. from you event scope just use this.toLocal(; // or mySprite.toLocal( Suppose this is the scope of your sprite to your event, example of use case for anime element from your mouse to a sprite as children. pointerup(e) { const from = this.toLocal(; this.addChild(elementFromMouseToThisSprite); TweenLite.fromTo(elementFromMouseToThisSprite, 0.3 ,{x:from.x, y:from.y}, { x:0, y:0}); };
  11. it stored in duration.
  12. you also have a lot of video tutorial. with some keyword and source youtube."pixijs"&oq="pixijs"&gs_l=psy-ab.3...
  13. what about PIXI.RenderTexture ? I do it very fast i don't know if i do it well, maybe @ivan.popelyshev can confirm. I use this kind of rendering for my item menu with a lot of stuff. Also add some culling will maybe help here