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  1. it should work, i just test it in devtool It same reference, so maybe you have more and another issue somewhere. No time on my side to debug your projet sorry, but maybe wait if someone from Pixi team can help
  2. did you try `documents.addEventListener` ?
  3. as error say ! just do ` loader = `PIXI.Loader.shared` !! ? Also here guide , if you missing it. but strangely, nothing about Loader !!
  4. here a good way to start, take a look on code from `add local fonts loader`
  5. Electron is the most popular, but there are many who stand out.
  6. ho , i will probably update this template soon with a easy 100% auto-build without config. nwjs,react,parcel,babel,pixijs. For now this projet have a big ugly custom bundler setting i want remove. The new scripts should look more clean and easy like this ``` "scripts": { // auto run after npm i to for localy install nwjs sdk in node_module. "postinstall": "cd ./node_modules/nw && npm install --nwjs_build_type=sdk", // start a simple dev webserver with hot reloading "start": "parcel src/index.html", // start nwjs sdk from node_module and connect to current webservor with hotreload (listen change from parcel hotreaload) "start-nw": "nw dist/ --remote-debugging-port=9229", // build production for web with parcel,babel "build": "parcel build src/index.html --out-dir build", // build auto productions for desktop all platforms and architectures + (protect source code nwjc ) "build-nwjs": "nwbuild --platforms win32,win64,osx32,osx64,linux32,linux64 --buildDir ./build dist" }, ``` maybe in few day For electron i dont know, i never use it, but this will probably help you.
  7. what about mouseupoutside? Are you able to show a basic playground?
  8. ho sorry if this disturbed you ! .focus(); should work But sometime you will need call .focus(); after the DOM updated your elements. (async) It why i add both in the example for playground. setTimeout(function () { el.focus(); }, 1); will work in all contexts, but if you create a html element and force a instant focus , it can not work in all contexts, it will depending on how you add your update en render your elements in your projet.
  9. My first approach should look like this but is theory only, maybe you will need play around this logic. here for you a demo It's a basic code, but the logic seems to me theoretically acceptable. So when you click on a pixi text, you create a html element with opacity 0 and FOCUS() The keyboard should open and input have event to map value to your Pixi element Also add a (onblur) events, for destroy the html input elements when click out the focus to remove keyboard. ps: I also added some documentation to you, turn the opacity to 0 in demo, you can see is work fine. Dont forget pixijs are a render and not a UI, so for all UI stuff, you need create your own API for now
  10. Hi, Pixi have a demo page with all features for graphics. Look for fill !
  11. hum, what about add a html Input + autofocus with maybe opacity:0 or z-index behing your canvas pixiapp, and lisen the onChange ? Input + autofocus should make appear the mobile keyboard Input.
  12. jonforum

    Update text in PIXI update via obj.text
  13. Hi, here a basic user case of groups Also using on my side, here another user case. I have no more example or good explanation in English sorry.
  14. did you take a look in some sample projet on codeSandbox? Just in case, sometime people forget search here before.