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  1. oups sorry it because it was private repository, i switch to public , link should work now.
  2. it the good way to do, it will depending of your need. In simple context , if you need something very simple you can use without regex PIXI.TextMetrics.measureText() Metric are a pixi tool very powerful and can split for you arrays for you multistyle. Or in complexe a example, on my side i use regex to split string, and build a container and sprites with multiple text styles and motions worked with wordWrap! If this can help you to get a idea, here how i proceed on my side.
  3. hey this is a awesome big work ! congrats and thanks for tuto. the tread is old , but i don't think necroPosting is illegal in the forum rule. your allowed to revive a tread.
  4. the order is important `addChild(rec,sprite,txt)` should work of if not possible `addChild(sprite,txt)` then `addChildAt(rec,0);` for pixi layer it will be something like `addChild(txt,sprite,rec)` `txt.parentGroup = goup2` `sprite.parentGroup = goup1` `rec.parentGroup = goup0`
  5. it work on my side !!!? am no understand your issue ? sorry. The rotation are from center.
  6. sprite.texture.textureCacheIds[0] Am not get your issue sorry !? Maybe explain more. whats mean "If i'm publishing sprites to Pokemon fan games" ?
  7. I don't know how the view-port plugin work, but from what i am reading , it should work. sprite.anchor.set(0.5); sprite.rotation = value Should work and make the rotation from the center ! Are you able to create a playground with your plugin ? It maybe a behavior from the plugin your using ?
  8. Yes , i use this kind of stuff only in some special Utility Objects and method. ex: audio, transforms ... Ex: Instead to write all code like this ! const c = new PIXI.Container(); = "master"; c.position.set(x,y); c.setZero(); const a = $"BT_A00"); a.setVolume(1); a.setSpeed(1); a.Loop(true); I do not know if it is a question of habit or a bad habit, but I find this bottom code much more readable and functional. They all return self. (this) for allow chains., const c = new PIXI.Container().setName("master"); c.position.set(x,y).setZero(); $"BT_A00").setVolume(1).setSpeed(1).Loop(true);
  9. oups yes sorry , the language barrier sometimes makes translation difficult! i was meaning Sugar Coding By definition, Thats can mean in javascript,, more visibility and ergonomie, but cost more performance resources. However not everyone shares the same opinion and it is a personal topic I think. Example for me use ternary instead if use ...spreads use of Template strings instead Strings use of Classes instead Function use forEach instead for use inline method (chains) with return. Object Destructuring (very rare and cost a lot but less codes) ... maybe i forget somes.. You can maybe find more good articles about Sugar codie on google. try keys "js sugar code"
  10. Hum My general idea is experiment 3d stereo (180) and not (360) Maybe a kind of renderer before and after with projection (am not remember but am sure i seen something to render before and after in a ticks with your projection plugin). So maybe renderer camera before to L-eye and after with shifting all layers groups X to R-eye. You know , something like this, all thing on right eye side are just little bit shifted on X position. I don't know if am clear but take a look here. It was this technique that I used at the time or it was fashionable to use Nvidia stereo glasses. So logicily with your camera plugin , we should able to make this work in 3d stereo (180) inside VR. By get the texture rendering before and after shifting. It's just a little difficult yet because on my first reading We need play with LowLevel pixi js with webGL EDIT: Example diablo 3 as 2d to (3d stereo 180) hack in vr
  11. Officially no, you can user sugar plugin to make easy 3d (thanks to master ivan) It should also possible to work with webgl from pixijs to create VR 3d or 2d stereo game with projections. I had a discussion with some dev from exokit and it confirms that it possible, I have not yet had the time to test this but it in my target!
  12. There are a lot of ways to work in javascript, and each one has their structure preference. It will also depend on your objective, (website, games, plugin, app ...) On my side for a gameProjet with nwjs I have a preference for the sugar classes which makes it easy to manage pixijs. Ex: of with sugar classes. It allow you to more readability and control methods,scopes,statics....ext For html and loader i prefer to keep clear html file and do all inside a main My files and folders structure is rather strange, but I prefer to use an ASYNC injector rather than putting them all in html. (dev only) From what i see in your code, you use let everywhere, but (let) should be used only in context you need a dynamic variable. In most case you should use (const) Also take a look on ivan example upper, it also a very good way to work, maybe more than me !. I not try yet the import system maybe i should take a look one day when i will have time !
  13. hi to show fps on screens, you can enable from most dev tool. Or in case you dev on framework like nwjs or electron without sdk, you should able to add flags like this "chromium-args": "--show-fps-counter", If you want look FPS at PIXI console.log(PIXI.ticker.shared.FPS) Hope this will help you.
  14. btw , also here a fake way for simple one line text. In case you just need it for link. Edit: if your interest to perform this on multiLine , It will be easy with use of text metric. PIXI.TextMetrics.measureText(string, style, isWordWrap) Text metric will stock for you all lineWidth and lines inside arrays. Than you will can perform a map on line like the upper demo show you.
  15. Ya true not possible in canvas with text-decoration, but with pixijs, it maybe possible to add a special case. Example tricks here with canvas text api