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  1. Hi, I am developing game using phaser frame framework. I want to know the different ways to make money from game. Can I really make money by developing games using phaser ? please help me ?
  2. Hi , I am newly developing game using phaser frame work. I want to know where to to buy the game graphics?
  3. Hi friends, How to make sprite sheet and which is the opensource software for making sprite sheet ? Where to buy game art?
  4. Hi friends, I am a new 2d game developer. I want to make my own project and earn enough money from living is it possible? please hep me.
  5. arun

    Game Art

    Hi friends, I am a new phaser game developer. I am facing with graphics problems. where can I bring graphics? or how can make my own graphics graphics using free and opensource software
  6. Hi, friends, What is the major difference between phaser 2 and phaser 3. Is Phaser 3 completely developed to use
  7. hi, friends, I am a new in phaser framework. I am confusing about "this " keyword while using in Phaser States . please help me.
  8. Hi friends, I don't understand the following code . please help me this.bullets = []; this.nextShotAt = 0; this.shotDelay = 100; fire: function() { if (this.nextShotAt > this.time.now) { return; } this.nextShotAt = this.time.now + this.shotDelay; var bullet = this.add.sprite(this.player.x, this.player.y - 20, 'bullet'); bullet.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5) ; this.physics.enable(bullet, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); bullet.body.velocity.y = -500; this.bullets.push(bullet); }
  9. Hi friends, Can I make professional game graphics with Inkscape or any other opensource graphics software?
  10. Hi friends, I am a new Phaser game developer but I am facing the problems with graphics. Where can i find the graphics of my game or how to do it better. Can I use Inkscape for the graphics. Please help me.
  11. arun

    What is context

    Hi, friends, what is context in this code "game.add.button(x, y, name, callback, context) " and why this is used in place of context in this code "this.muteButton = game.add.button(20, 20, 'mute', this.toggleSound, this);
  12. Hi friends, I am new in Phaser game development. I don't understand the following code below please help me var gameTitle = function(game){} gameTitle.prototype = { create: function(){
  13. Hi friends, I am new in Phaser game development. When I followed a tutorial monster wants candy i found the following codes that I don't understand. Please help me. var Candy = {}; Candy.Boot = function(game){}; Candy.Boot.prototype = {
  14. Hi friends, I am new in game development with phaser. I am always confused with the programming pattern of development. Which pattern should I follow for better programming. Please help me
  15. arun

    Phaser time

    Hi friends, the code below if (this.nextShotAt>this.time.now is not understood. is this.time.now indicates the system's clock time or else? fire: function() { if (this.nextShotAt > this.time.now) { return; } if (this.bulletPool.countDead() === 0) { return; } this.nextShotAt = this.time.now + this.shotDelay
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