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  1. Yep that's what I'm doing - Note adding a tc rule on ubuntu only effects outbound packets. If you want to more accurately simulate latency you may want to add outbound latency on windows using Clumsy that way you can test 50ms to server, 50ms back rather then ~2ms to server, 100ms back.
  2. Definitely. I plan on adding a guest play you can roll over to an account.
  3. Thanks for the feedback - I'll take a look at it on my laptop. Never heard of RainingChaing but looked it up and I can see the similarities.
  4. The node server wasn't running - I started it just for you. WASD to move, Z to loot
  5. Work in progress - I don't leave it up and running yet.
  6. Yeah there's definitely some challenges involved. Some lag compensation techniques I used, prediction for smooth client side movement, lerping other players and mobs ~150ms in the past, and skill cast time and fire rate to mask latency. How a projectile fire works is client initiates a fire, there's a 150ms "fire rate" or delay to allow the client to confirm with the server. The projectile is never actually fired on the server and the event gets broadcasted to connected players. The delay is actually a fairly smooth experience since it's consistent. If a client detects a collision between
  7. Hello - I've been working on a multiplayer action rpg + bullet hell game for about 5 months now and decided to share a short gameplay video. The front end is Pixi.js for rendering, React for the UI, and the rest is a custom engine. The back end is socket.io & Node. Features Implemented so far 3 classes - Warrior, Mage, Rogue ~12 different skills ~40 item types with magic and rare item generation ~30 different mobs 4 maps authoritative server Persistent characters, inventory, skills with DB https://blackmass.io - I'll leave it up for a bit
  8. Want me to open up an issue for it on Github? I took a look at the source code but have no idea how it works.
  9. So the issue still seems to show up randomly although not as frequently :/
  10. Thanks - setting it to 15 seems to be the magic number for my sprites.
  11. I'm not able to pinpoint what causes it yet but at some point the artifact appears permanently. I attached a picture and you can see it on the character sprite. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Yeah it's the solution I'm going with for now. It's a little dirty, but it works. Firefox has PointerEvents disabled by default so Pixi falls back to mouse event callbacks if they are disabled / not supported by the current browser.
  13. onmouseup(e){ e.which == 3} will be the right click link to issue https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/4048
  14. Thanks. Looks like it's a bug with PointerEvents because if I set window.PointerEvent = null it falls back to mouse events and works. I opened an issue on GitHub. Mouseup also tracks onContextMenu up.
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