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  1. I just don't understand, what is the point of your comment? It literally does not answer his question that he asked. Do you even read your own post before you post it? Putting that aside, to answer topic's author question. Yes, any of those libraries are fine to build complex games, they even are based on WebGL renderer which allows for bigger limits to render stuff on screen at the same time than regular canvas allows you to and even allows 3D stuff as well if you choose right framework to work with. Talking about limits, it depends on how you make the game but if you optimize well enough you could create as large game as you'd like, there's many ways to do that and goes very in depth with it so i'm not gonna explain that but if you want to find more about it, i'd suggest googling that.
  2. Hello! I'm thinking of creating some kind of multiplayer game, i have some past experience in networking i.e using websockets/etc and even have made few games before but i'm not an expert. I'm looking for someone who could on their free time contribute to the game i'll be making on my free time as well. I'm thinking of going with pixel art but if you specialize in other area and you are willing to help feel free to contact me. Of course if we'll ever finish project and actually get some kind of revenue from it, it will be split between the artist. I'm mainly looking for one artist who could help long term but others are welcome too. You can add me on discord chocolate#9115 or DM me right here but i'm not quite active here so might take a bit time to respond.
  3. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work with him. I literarlly made him game what he wanted me to make, and yet after that (after long conversation which he needed to take days to reply) he said it's not complete or whatever something like that even though it was literarlly what he wanted me to make and then after that he said he wants to stop developement or whatever. I asked why and he said it's not complete and there is no menu's no popups or anything like that. Thing is that, he never asked me to make anything like that. He just wanted to have simple game with A to B end point. Literarlly just the game scene nothing more nothing less but he says that he needed more than that after WEEK of responses (keep in mind, that i sent him demos before weekend, before he answered me, and i even asked him, if he needs anything more to the game, he didn't reply about that). He could've said that at the beggining of the conversation. So this is why, don't ever contact with this person. He'll take days to answer between each of your messages and gonna end up wasting your time and will not get paid. If anyone wants this game besides than this topic's author itself. Send me pm, i can give it.
  4. I need to clear up my comment more. Project is nonsense. But idea of having 3d cloth designing is good. Could've made something better with it, like using most popular brand not taking Kendall's incident as goal to achieve.
  5. Gratz buddie, you just wasted few weeks of your life for nonsense.
  6. How about you enable FPS count and test it yourself? Shouldn't be hard, isn't?
  7. kaasis

    Making states work

    You should better check this out.
  8. I googled this, couldn't find any solution anywhere. The problem is that when i add Phaser.Camera.LOCKON with parameters of less than 1 (i have 0.3,0.3) to .follow() it makes all tweens choppy while moving around. Is there any solution for this? // folow that.camera.follow(that.player,Phaser.Camera.LOCKON,0.3,0.3) // tweening positions var tweenPlayer = that.add.tween(player) tweenPlayer.to({x:data.data.x,y:data.data.y,rotation:data.data.angle},0.05) tweenPlayer.start()
  9. Thanks for letting me know, used your example. Works really well.
  10. surprisingly this works aswell. Even tho @Antriel you said that it's not enough for JS. // player attacking for (var i in players) { var attacker = players[i] if (!attacker.attackdelay && attacker.attacking) { for (var i in players) { var _attacker = attacker var victim = players[i] if (_attacker != victim) { if (circleOverlap(getAnglePosition(_attacker.x,_attacker.y,_attacker.angle,20),20,victim,playerCollisionRadius)) { victim.health -= 10 _attacker.attackdelay = true setTimeout(function(){_attacker.attackdelay=false},1500) } } } } }
  11. I'm using objects not an array. Althrough i could make 'players' an array and then put objects in it and then use .forEach and it would make it cleaner, or just whole 'players' object make an array and those objects in it make to arrays aswell. Wouldn't be that hard, 'cause i don't have much yet code on server. 200+ lines for a moment.
  12. This actually sucks, 'cause i'm coming from Lua and in Lua loops work as well as they should and i always used loops in the way i did with this one. Gonna need to keep this in mind otherwise again gonna struggle my head what's wrong with it. Btw thanks mate, it works. And yeah, if someone have even better solution, leave a comment. I'll definetly gonna check it out.
  13. Hey! I got here little weird problem that i can't seem to figure out what's wrong. I'm making multiplayer game and i'm trying to create attacking system (kind of), i'm using loop for(var i in var). It all works, unless i add setTimeout to avoid spamming of attack. Problem is that, when i add timeout, for some reason for second player that connects variable attackdelay is not setting to false after timeout ends. Here's code (which works but has no delay in attacking, and can spam hell out of it) // player attacking for (var i in players) { var attacker = players[i] if (attacker.attacking) { for (var i in players) { var victim = players[i] if (attacker != victim) { if (circleOverlap(getAnglePosition(attacker.x,attacker.y,attacker.angle,20),20,victim,playerCollisionRadius)) { victim.health-- } } } } } Here's code where i used setTimeout to do delay between attacks (only works for first person who connects, haven't tested out for 3 players tho, only for 2) // player attacking for (var i in players) { var attacker = players[i] if (!attacker.attackdelay && attacker.attacking) { for (var i in players) { var victim = players[i] if (attacker != victim) { if (circleOverlap(getAnglePosition(attacker.x,attacker.y,attacker.angle,20),20,victim,playerCollisionRadius)) { victim.health -= 10 attacker.attackdelay = true setTimeout(function(){attacker.attackdelay=false},1500) } } } } }
  14. I'm guessing you used RainingChain tutorials to get started? Some art and base is off there. Good job tho, game runs really smooth and is really well made. But the thing is that, you should optimize interface for smaller screens otherwise i'm playing from laptop and chat is collapsing with slotbar.