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  1. Thanks alot, always nice to get lovely feedback! x
  2. https://beneemusic.com/benees-snail-game/ PixiJS frogger-like game with artwork from Benee's latest single created for promotion. Some dev chat about the game here:
  3. some info here: https://youtu.be/NSiyYMRb4ZM
  4. @Hutsune thanks for the feed back, whats was the glitch?!
  5. HELLO! I'm proud to present the Internet Money game commissioned by Internet Money, Pretty Good digital and developed by myself at TandC games. More info here Play it here Thanks to the pixijs guys for their support! I love their library, its a great level for me as I love developing my own game systems, physics, etc etc. Let me know what you think and stay tuned for more Pixijs developed games shortly.
  6. HELLO!!!! So I'm working on a frogger type game and I thought the easiest way to constantly move everything forward was to add all sprites to a "main" container and move the main container X times per second... this works ok when the movment increment was 0.5 or 1 pixel eahc time (I started by making the movement a function of the deltatime but got lots of judder, so i clamped it instead to a 0.5 value each increment). However adding ANY filters to the main container looks aweful and performance goes way down. Is there any thoughts about how this could be improved as I'd love to be able t
  7. Thanks @ivan.popelyshev think its a case of needing to talk to someone about it.. I was being an idiot and setting up my texture calls at the lowest level, same as the loader so wasn't loading the textures first 🤦‍♂️ Moved my code into my setup function that is called after loader finished and everything is working now 🤪
  8. I'm using texture packer and adding the json like this: Loader.add([ path + "spritesheet-0.json?v="+version, path + "spritesheet-1.json?v="+version ]) however when trying to create a animatedSprite the log says the textures are no valid and I see an error with a url GET of the texture name which it shouldnt be doing as it should only be getting the spritesheet. // for each texture in animation let texture = Texture.from(fileObject.name + (i+1) + ext); // add to array textureArray.push(texture); // after for loop character = new PIXI.AnimatedSprite(textureArra
  9. THAT WORKS!! thanks, wish I'd asked 2 weeks ago. Much easier (having the client edit the json files with a CMS so named labels is sooo much better than url locations)
  10. Hi! I'm trying to load an array of resources from a json file, currently I'm having to include the path and file name when calling the resource, but would love to simply use a label like you can when you make a single file load. What I have PIXI.Loader.shared.add(data_json.arrayOfItemsToLoad)... // When I need to use a file let audio = PIXI.Loader.shared.resources["../folder1/folder2/folder3/someAudio.mp3"].sound; What i'd love it to be more like is this: // what I'd love to do is simply supply the label let audio = PIXI.Loader.shared.resources["someAudioLabel"].sound;
  11. 4136 × 3935 currently, its a spritesheet that is packed as part of the build, so often goes up and down in size. Is there a common pattern for preparing assets for Pixi and I've come faul of this issue a few times.
  12. Only seem to ever get this error on live and not locally, doesn't seem to be a rythm nor reason to when it might do it. Any advise on this one, as sometimes it doesn't it and sorts itself out (cache issue maybe), and sometimes it doesnt it all the time and there doesnt seem to be anything i can do to stop it happening example
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