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  1. @Deltakosh I would appreciate your support. @Nesh108 If I understood correctly, webgl.min_capability_mode is a Gecko flag, not BablylonJS. Could you please get me hint how to check/set it? Thank you!
  2. Hi @Deltakosh Here is the screenshot: You can see the code behind and compare quality here: https://tiflis.000webhostapp.com/ or just the good quality: NOTE: the same browser (Google Chrome) shows perfectly on remote site, but low quality locally. It was OK, but after series of local tests quality suddenly started to be like on the screenshot.
  3. @Nesh108, The problem is in a the combination: Chrome on my machine accessing that particular local web. The same code on remote host is OK in the same Chrome. The strange thing that it was OK, but at one point o time quality has been "switched" to low and I can't put it back. My worries - if this will happen with one of the customers, what is the workaround or a solution? Looks like Bablylon has marked my local site as low-performance one and erroneously forced low quality rendering. But this is just my thoughts. Thank you for tip anyway.
  4. Hi, I've faced situation when Chrome suddenly has started to render 3D in a very low quality ("pixelized"). This has happened only on my local web server and only with Chrome. IE, FF on Local Web => OK Chrome on BabylonJS playground => OK Chrome on Local Web => Low quality I've cleaned cookies and local data storage in Chrome, but that did not helped. Is there any way to restore normal rendering? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hello! Video tutorials are not available anymore. For example: http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/3d_on_the_web_understanding_the_basics shows "Page Not found". Could you please fix that as video tutorials were very helpful! Thank you!