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    Trump Burrito

    Hi @mattstyles thanks for the amazing question so my experience was with this two tool: Construct 2 and Buildbox if I work with Construct 2 I use for the package up HTML5 stuff for iOS and Android --> Intel XDK (but in the future they not supported anymore... you have to switch on PhoneGap (I don't use it at the moment..) and with Buildbox is easier... You can export it through all platform without any bugs etc. you can focus it to the design and logic (but the logic is not so much advanced like Construct 2 but for one touch easy games fast !! here the links: I hope it helpful
  2. Trump Burrito Make America great again and Catch the Burritos! Touch the screen and Trump go left or right to catch the burrito. Don't miss the burritos. Beat your friend's scores! Get it for Free: iOS ⇨ ⇨, friends! This is my new game called Trump Burrito.Completely excited to share with you guys!