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  1. You can try kongregate, they give revenue share to developer too
  2. Hi guys, We just want to share our simulation game, it's an HTML5 game and available on google playstore too. You can try to play Foody Avenue game here: http://www.littlegiantworld.com/games/foodyavenue/play.php Feel free to tell us if you had any comments or critics. Also this game is available for sitelock sponsorship, feel free to contact us to license the game. Have a great day Guys
  3. Hi, Thank you for your suggestion. We already update the game, and now the file size was dropped a lot. Thank you guys
  4. Hi guys, We want to share our HTML5 game project Planet Of Kaz. Here's some of the game features: > GAME FEATURES>> Collectible skill card- Collecting skill card by finding and buying from npc and roullete.>> Customized skill- Bring wanted skill card only, and leave unwanted skill card.>> Outer space monsters- Prepare to fight many kinds of monsters.>> Rescue- Rescue as many survivor as you can, each of them have a unique role to help you. You can play the Planet Of Kaz game free at: http://www.littlegiantworld.com/games/planetof
  5. Hi guys, We just release our newest HTML5 game, Untamed. It's a shooting game with a lot of upgrade options. You can play the game free at http://www.littlegiantworld.com/games/untamed/ You can also embed the game using gamedistribution here: http://gamedistribution.com/games/1-player/untamed.html This game is available for sitelock sponsorship, feel free to contact us if you want to license the game. Have a great day guys
  6. Just a suggestion maybe you could show your website, and write some of your website advantage to make the developer interested and let their game embedded. Imho if there is no advantage for the developer, the will ask you to licensing their game. Good luck
  7. Hi Jacob, We are LittleGiantWorld an Indie game studio from Indonesia. Feel free to contact us if you want to make a cute and entertaining game. Email at: info [at] littlegiantworld [dot] com
  8. Wow nice game, downloading the game now
  9. Hello, IMHO, showing your portfolio/ finished project will helpfull if you want to collaborate with others.
  10. Hi, You can visit our website www.littlegiantworld.com, some of our games are available to use.
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