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  1. Version of War Attack released. - The game has been ported to the last unity version. - We have modified the animation of the character for the melee and the grenade. - We have modified the accuracy in general and for the long range (it was too easy before). - Now you can see how much time a player have killed you when you respawn. - The kill/death ratio, number of headshot and assist has been added to the scoreboard. - One new voice has ben added when you respawn. - The performances has been improved. - We have fixed the chat on the map airport. Have Fun !
  2. Most of time i answer every PM. If it's on rush team, you must send us a ticket from our support.
  3. good job
  4. The chat is already implemented, you have it when you are on the lobby (room list) and in game, you just have to press enter to open the chat. About the anti-cheat, right now it's hard coded and crypted client side and the network is is a relay server/client. I can do it server side but not really needed at this step. Also, most of the web browser don't like when you touch at the memory and crash in most cases. Thank you for your test.
  5. Thank you. I continue to work on it and the weapon/character animation are on my list.
  6. Hello everybody, I want to present you my game made in WebGL using Unity engine. The game name is War Attack and it's an multiplayers FPS game. Below, you can find the link of the game (you can play as guest) , a video,images. I will be happy to answer your feedback if you test it. Link of the game : Video Preview : Images : Have a good day.