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  1. This is the last part of the multiplayer tutorial series. We're going to host our game in Heroku so that everyone else can access your game! http://gojasonyang.com/post/phaserMultiplayerGamePart8.html
  2. Hello guys, in this tutorial we implement entering username for players by creating another login phaser state. Tutorial: http://gojasonyang.com/post/phaserMultiplayerGamePart7.html Github: https://github.com/dci05049/Phaser-Multiplayer-Game-Tutorial
  3. In this multiplayer game tutorial series with Node.js server and Phaser client, it goes over room logic, and implementing maximum number of players. http://gojasonyang.com/post/phaserMultiplayerGamePart6.html
  4. Hello guys, I haven't posted my tutorial in a while. This is part 5 of multiplayer game tutorial series. We're creating a leaderboard for top scorers! http://gojasonyang.com/post/phaserMultiplayerGamePart5.html
  5. This is the phaser multiplayer game series continuation. In this tutorial, we manage food in the server and generate them in the client like many other io games. http://gojasonyang.com/post/phaserMultiplayerGamePart4.html
  6. @Phaser911 Yea so true. It was a struggle in the beginning for me to learn it as well.
  7. This is a continuation of Phaser multiplayer game tutorial with Node.js server and socket.io. This is part 3 and we're implementing some simple agar.io game mechanics with authoritative server. Part 3: http://gojasonyang.com/post/phaserMultiplayerGamePart3.html
  8. This is a continuation of Multiplayer game tutorial series. On this part 2 tutorial, we make authoritative server for security purposes. We're using physics in the server (p2 physics) Tutorial here: http://gojasonyang.com/post/phaserMultiplayerGamePart2.html If there's any question, please feel free to ask questions on my site.
  9. I wrote my very first blog post. It's a tutorial on how to create a multiplayer game with phaser in the client, and Node.js in the server: The server uses Socket.io and Express.js. Part 1: http://gojasonyang.com/post/phaserMultiplayerGamePart1.html It's for complete beginners who aren't familiar with Node.js and Phaser. I hope someone finds it useful if it's their first time working with Phaser and Node.js !!
  10. @leonylyner true! that's a good idea i think too
  11. This is the first html5 and multiplayer game that I built for a personal project. http://www.slashing.io/ The server is not near good at the moment, so I'm optimizing it, but I still wanted to showcase my idea. Please, I appreciate any comment and feedbacks to improve the game.
  12. Hey guys, I decided to use resize scale manager for my phaser game. I was just wondering would it be the best possible solution to resize and reposition every sprite in the world on setresize callback? How do you guys handle with resizing. My game is on pc browser and the user need to be able to resize the browser.
  13. For now, I'm using window.availheight and window.availwidth, which is always constant and does not change when the browser size changes. It's not 100% on the point because it does not take into consideration of taskbar size and stuff. So I think I need to offset the position of the sprites? Please let me know if there is any better solution
  14. Hey, so I almost finished my game, and I'm encountering a problem in scaling. I first used Window.Innerheight and Window.innerwidth for the game size The problem is that when I start the game on browser that is not maximized, and then maximize it after loading the game, the sprites scale up too big. I used game.scale.fullScreenScaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; game.scale.refresh(); So I decided to just load the game in maximized innerheight and innerwidth. But I do not know how to do that or if it's possible
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