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  1. In the company I have no FTP. To all abundance is just now my XAMPP crashed o_o I will try all suggestions afterwards. The one from Flashy looks pretty easy. But I thank you already
  2. Hey Flashy, It is one Spritesheet. One JSON-File. Maybe i mean "change texture"!? I just want to exchange pictures. If ..., then go from picture 1 to picture 2. If ..., what else, then go from picture 2 to picture 3. Later i build it then with buttons, or something else, depending on how I need it. As I said, animation play I think for overflow, because there are only standing images, no anis.
  3. I'm a little irritated at the moment. A sprite sheet is to be loaded and displayed. The sprite sheet consists of several individual images (2, 3, ... 5, ... 10, ... any). I would like to change these pictures. Unfortunately, I find no suitable example. On the basis of an animation, with Play and Change Texture, it can not be, it is always only a single picture to the next switch. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you. PS: Of course, I also have a JASON file to it.