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  1. Website https://jabami.io Game Description I made a multiplayer "Memory"/"Concentration" card game where you have to take turns and match similar cards among a set of face-down cards. You can play against others and create your own rooms to play among your friends. The web version is written in pure html/css/javascript and dom elements are animated using css/javascript. Here are some screenshots. Screenshots
  2. Nope. I realized this only happens in canvas mode which version 5 doesnt support. In my original code, i changed forceCanvas to false, and it fixed the problem. I do have graphics.generateTexture being called in my code. Maybe that's the culprit like ivan has mentioned. I might try replacing my graphics generateTexture calls with manual renderer.render In this specific example, https://jsfiddle.net/m7Lsynbj/3/ the generateTexture call freezes the stage and can no longer be moved.
  3. So you're saying i should set skipUpdateTransform to true then. I tried it over here https://jsfiddle.net/qdmjwst2/ but then now the texture is not being generated properly.
  4. I'm confused on how to use app.renderer.render(displayObject, renderTexture, clear, transform, skipUpdateTransform) properly. I have a case wherein when i use skipUpdateTransform = false, the texture of the container is generated correctly, but the app.stage is frozen. This means when I try to focus the camera somewhere else on the stage by changing its x,y position (i.e app.stage.position.x = 100), it doesnt respond to it at all. I'm trying to reproduce it on a fiddle, but I havent been able to reproduce it yet. The fiddle i have below is one where rendertexture is generated properly using sk
  5. I'm using Pixi 4.8.8. Some users have reported a low fps when playing my game, and when i asked for chrome profile report, I see something strange. It seems like some task is taking a long time to complete (red highlight shows 38ms or 27fps) despite the javascript taking much less than that. Here's the chrome profile json (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1azEZvpnMjU_vwP-eaF3b622FSo8LOYS2/view?usp=sharing) . Since its not like the timeline shows a long running javascript function, it's hard for me to figure out whats the causing the frames to take that long. Any idea on how what could be the ca
  6. I was using 4.8.5, but I was able to reproduce it on 5.0.3 . Here's a demo. https://jsfiddle.net/aehsqLcf/2/ . I've used chunk size of 4 tiles so things are easily viewable on jsfiddle. Notice that some textures could be 96x96, 100x100, etc. You can change the CHUNK_SIZE variable to 8 to see more non-power of 2 textures To give you a bit more context, i'm making a sandbox game where players can modify each tile (place blocks and destroy them). What I'm doing is calling cacheAsBitmap (false, then true) on a chunk if its been modified. You mentioned RenderTexture. I can see how it can
  7. I have a tiled based game, where i use cacheAsBitMap to render tiles as chunks (16x16 tiles). The way I'm currently doing is grouping tiles into a chunk instance which is basically a PIXI.Container . If all 16x16 tiles are filled, then cacheAsBitmap would generate a texture of 512x512 which is great. However, if there are some tiles that are not filled (i.e empty spaces), the generated texture (ie. 224x416) would not become power of 2 and I'll get console errors. The error looks something like "texture bound to texture unit 0 is not renderable. It maybe non-power-of-2 and have incompatible tex
  8. Seems like the free FBX converter from autodesk that you're referring to now links to "FBX review" instead. I did find windows version on other sites though.
  9. What's the best way to import a Unity Asset with animations into BabylonJS ? I tried https://github.com/BabylonJS/Exporters/tree/master/Unity 5/EditorToolkit , and was able to Export Scene, but it just didnt render properly. Might be because I'm using Unity 2017 . I've also tried importing .fbx file to Blender 2.79 (for later export), but depending on the asset, animations are not being included. Right now, I'm inclined to generate pre-rendered 3d animations as a 2D spritesheet instead, but just wanted to see if anyone has a different recommendation.
  10. So apparently, setting the ground position is good enough. ground = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround("ground1", CANVAS_SIZE, CANVAS_SIZE, 2, scene); ground.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(CANVAS_SIZE/2, 0, CANVAS_SIZE/2);
  11. I'm calling BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround("ground1", CANVAS_SIZE, CANVAS_SIZE, 2, scene) to create a ground, but it starts at (0,0,0) and expands outwards in x,z plane in both positive and negative directions. I was wondering if its possible to make a ground such that it only grows in positive direction. I want to avoid negative values when setting player positions .
  12. Hey Eric. Really good textures, and nice work overall. Although at first I was confused when I got to the homepage, as I was seeing mostly sound effects, but realized that some links are for images, others sound
  13. Thanks. It currently has entity interpolation only, but yes, will definitely add client-side prediction to handle input-lag. Gameplay wise though, felt like something is missing. Not enough appeal, and not really sure how to describe it. I was also thinking of making it sort of a 2D battle-royale/last-man-standing type game, but if the basic gameplay mechanics is not good (which currently needs improvement), I feel like it just would not have the same appeal.
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