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  1. Hey, Have you tried using the track sprite method from the Phaser.Weapon class? Example http://www.codeowl.tech:3000/ You may need to login with some username Also pickup one of the orbs to be able to shoot Codebase: https://github.com/code0wl/Multiplayer-Phaser-game Phaser example with code: https://phaser.io/examples/v2/weapon/asteroids
  2. A small simple multiplayer game https://github.com/code0wl/Multiplayer-Phaser-game There is also book that I have just published showing the steps to take to create such a game Preview: http://www.codeowl.tech:3000/
  3. Hey everyone, Was wondering myself how to set up a TypeScript multiplayer game project which utilises phaser. So I made a book and a free github repo for those who are interested in looking at my approach. https://github.com/code0wl/Multiplayer-Phaser-game Feedback and comments are always awesome!