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  1. Hi again, I made a game with Phaser framework and created an apk file with cocoonjs' web site but when I try to upload the game to the Play Store, I get an error about security. Google wants a key but even I try many things I couldn't create a key, I used android studio but the studio does not create a key for an apk file. I think the studio can add key just for xml files, Is there anyone who made games with Phaser and puslished them on Play Store? If so, can you explain everything about creating keys step by step, thanks.
  2. @bruno_ I decrease the resolution of images and the performance is much more better right now, thanx.
  3. @bruno_ I am trying right now, I will write results
  4. @Arcanorum thanks for info. I will look them. I am new in here and there are many things to learn here.
  5. @Otho yes I tried it but I couldn't succeed because it works only on pc, not on mobile. When I try to open the "localhost/nameofproject" on my mobile phone with Google dev, it cannot find the page, I think I do something wrong.
  6. @bruno_ no I used cocoonjs to wrap the game. I used high resolution imgs, but does it matter? Because I shrink their size by using "scale" method, but I will try lower resolutions, that is worthy.
  7. @bruno_ my target is 2d games, I do not know why but I was playing nes games in late 90's, I have good memories. So I want to make 2d games especially for mobile but most of time it is lagging, fps is around 45-50 for S3, although the game is basic. And I believe I will do more complex games with Phaser and these games will require more CPU for mobile. And there is no sense if I will not able to deploy them to mobile, I do not care their performance on pc. By the way thanks for the reply.
  8. Hi, I am trying to make a game for mobile, how can I test my game in terms of its performance, I am trying on devices but it takes my time a lot, testing the game every time. And one other question is what do you think about the phaser's future? I mean, nowadays I read about some performance issues when running phaser games on mobile. Should I choose any other programming language to make mobile games? I like phaser but if it will not good for mobile, I will have to pass any other programming language like java, instead of javascript.
  9. Thank you, but how can I do it? My callback function is "this.killBird", Should it be like "this.killBird(this.bird)"? Sorry because I have been interested in Phaser for 20 days. @samme
  10. Hello my dear friends, I am trying to add animation to my bird object and I added for normal flying and It worked but when I try to add any other animation to same object it gives an error can you help me, I am adding my codes and the error message here, thanks! create: function() { this.bird = game.add.sprite(150, 200, 'bird'); this.bird.scale.setTo(0.1, 0.1);; this.bird.body.gravity.y = 1000; this.bird.animations.add('right', [0, 1], 5, true); this.bird.animations.add('dead', [2, 3], 5, true); this.bird.anchor.setTo(-0.2, 0.5); var spaceKey = game.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Keyboard.SPACEBAR); spaceKey.onDown.add(, this); }, update: function() {, this.blocks, this.killBird); }, fly: function() { if (this.bird.alive == false) return; this.bird.body.velocity.y = -325; var animation = game.add.tween(this.bird);{angle: -20}, 100); animation.start();'right'); }, killBird: function() {'dead', 8, true); game.state.start('menu'); }, And I add the error message, and also my other problem is about pixel reformatting errors, how can I get rid of them, thanks.
  11. @simpleyuji thanks for the answer but If I do like this the player will accelerate for just one time. What I want is that the player should accelerate over and over again.
  12. Hi, how can I add a function to the update function when two objects overlapped? I asked similar question yesterday but this time I asked same question in more clear way. For example, I will take a coin and after this my speedPlayer() function will be activated over and over again, infinitely. How can I do this, thanks.
  13. Yes it is a bit complicated, I will try to explain again; in the game, I am picking a potion and when I overlap the potion, takePotion() function works, and this function set gravity -50. And the problem starts here, because I want the takePotion() function to continue infinitely not for just one time. Or think about, for example I have an potion in the game and when I use it, my player's opacity will equal to 0.5 for a time period or limitless. What kind of system should I build? And If I give my source codes; update: function() {, this.potionYB, this.takePotionYB, null, this); this.hellium(); }, takePotionYB: function() { this.potionYB.kill(); }, hellium: function() { if(!this.takePotionYB()) { if(this.ball.x > 3350 && this.ball.x < 3480) {this.ball.body.gravity.y = -200;}else {this.ball.body.gravity.y = 500;} }else if(this.takePotionYB()){ return; }, }, The codes are most probably incorrect, I write these codes here because maybe they can help you to understand what I mean. @Arcanorum
  14. Hi friends. I want to activate a function when two objects overlap. For example when I overlap an object I want to change gravity of a specific area. I can do this with overlap but it does it for one time, after that everything is same again. For example in the game, I will overlap a potion and gravity between position x1 and x2 will be equal -50. But when I do this, I mean when I overlap the potion, it occurs for one second and after that the gravity -50 turns back its past value.