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  1. The Pasta! game (previously presented) features new special tiles, the Antipasta. The number of available levels climbed to 30. Now some 200 players fight for the first places in the top scores lists! Link: http://pasta.phyrama.com/game.html Enjoy!
  2. The Pasta! game (previously presented) features now a high score list for each level. Link: http://pasta.phyrama.com/game.html Enjoy!
  3. Description Pasta! is a free game of the "match-3" genre. This is a pure Web app. It runs on good web browsers supporting HTML5 + JS (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Opera) on your preferred devices: smartphones, tablets, computers... No plug-in is required, not even Flash! There is nothing special to download or to update later. So far 20 levels are available - more are in the works! Link: http://pasta.phyrama.com/game.html Enjoy! Comments welcome! Zerte