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  1. Unfortunately, My implementation of the project is limited because of two reasons, a. it is not running smoothly on a mobile device,b. The exporting of the model to .babylon file from max or converting the model from fbx to .babylon gives undesirable results which we are not able to rectify. because of which I'm loosing this project and client
  2. Thank you, Will check it out.
  3. I think, someone has to capture this in the documentation for the Cameras, where you say that we need to add the css property to the canvas:"touch-action:none" it will be very helpful then for newbies like me.
  4. I am worried, that I just saw an alternate for my same sample app written in Babylon Js, with models exported from Max to Babylon JS working good in a S7 and very bad in other phones (like note 3, around 5 FPS) , while the alternate sample app, written in Three using a propitiatory exporter, works so smooth (60 fps) on all devices. I want to get the same kind of fps using Babylon JS. I am struck and dont know how, I used Scene.Optimizer with 8 different options of let result = new BABYLON.SceneOptimizerOptions(60, 5000); result.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.ShadowsOptimiz
  5. unfortunately, further revelations, The Weirdness doesn't stop with just displacing a mesh. Some of the meshes do not have materials and its values applied from max. and further more, some mesh has texture UVs and some doesn't have the texture UVs, and on top of it the ones which has texture UVs doesn't have the texture name in it. Is there something that we are missing in Max or in exporter that causes these problems ? Can someone throw some light on me, so we can correct our wrongs.
  6. I stand corrected, It is not loading at all.. it is still on "Loading Assets"
  7. Thank you Deltakosh, I am checking it, is ring.babylon so big to load, because I have been waiting for 10 minutes to get it loaded, and still playground says "Loading Assets"
  8. Perfect, So we can take it when the next update gets released right ?
  9. Ahh, I cant use that file, as it is another company's model (for now I'm using Sceneloader's append to load that file. Let me try and find another file to check in the asset loading and see.. Meanwhile, Is there any other way to get more information about the error ? so I can understand more about it.
  10. ok, I was not looping, because I didnt want it to loop...
  11. Weird, it was not working for me will try again.
  12. A small Update, It is working smoothly now when I set isPickable of that mesh to true. Thank you once again for pointing it out.
  13. Just checked the code, This is exactly what I thought I should do, if there is no answer for a simple way, like how I expected by reversing the frame order or by negating the speedRatio. in BeginAnimation Thanks very much again.
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