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  1. I was able to solve this by creating multiple small emitters, rather than one huge one. let emitter = game.particleStorm.createEmitter(Phaser.ParticleStorm.PIXEL); emitter.renderer.resize(80, 80); // this is what solved my lag issue- keep it as small as possible emitter.renderer.display.x = 100; // your desired x position emitter.renderer.display.y = 100; // your desired y position emitter.renderer.display.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); // sets the origin to the center, not necessary emitter.renderer.pixelSize = 1; // i wanted tiny pixels emitter.addToWorld();
  2. Hmm, can you elaborate on using a small pool of small-area emitters? How would I go about doing that? I'm kind of lost w/ particle storm.
  3. Phaser CE v2.8.0 | WebGL I have a game with lots of enemies, and each enemy needs to shoot out blood particles when attacked. My problem is, my world size is much larger than the size of the emitter bitmapdata that ParticleStorm creates. I tried making it larger, but that caused extreme lag. Then I tried making an emitter for each enemy, and moving the x/y coordinates of the emitter's display to the enemy's location: this also caused heavy lag after just 2 or 3 emitters were created. Any ideas on what I can do to have enemies emit particles across a large map (1920x1920)?
  4. I found a way to move the actual position of the renderer (In this example, it is a Pixel renderer, but this may apply to other renderers too). Here you can set things like x/y coords and anchor: let manager = game.plugins.add(Phaser.ParticleStorm); let emitter = manager.createEmitter(Phaser.ParticleStorm.PIXEL); emitter.renderer.display.x = 250; emitter.renderer.display.y = 700; emitter.renderer.display.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); Note that by doing this, the position of any particles made by this emitter will be relative to the display x/y.
  5. This solved the problem for me too.