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  1. This is amazingly good. My favourite bit is the little dust clouds that hover under the ship when it stops.
  2. First of all thanks very much for the feedback. I really appreciate it (and on your lunch break too!) It's a very rare thing to get such excellent thoughtfull comments. 1) re: the direct link - thanks will do 2) Thumbnail on the homepage which links to the game's page on the website is a great idea. In response to the feedback: 1) The start screen is my own and my art pipeline was not great at the time - they are simple screenshots of the game - agreed it needs more work. 2) Love how the levels change each time you load the game. Good decision! - thanks :) 3) The graphics and art are mostly mine - I used a free set from the internet as a template for sizing and inspiration. 4) The game looks very stretched - no idea how to fix that at the moment but I'll look into it. 5) The UI is very basic but best I could do at the time. Thanks again for the encouragement!
  3. Hi BoneJarmer - this was the first game I ever made from scratch. It took about 4 months.
  4. Play the first most awesome platformer adventure game by the Zulu Team (actually it's only me). This was my first foray into HTML5 and Game Design that I have finally uploaded into the game archive on my site. I have a very VERY soft spot for this game. Not only does it have excellent colour design – it boasts ten levels of fun and has a magnificent soundtrack with screaming cats! Mind you it was never optimised for mobile so play it on a tablet or PC - and be patient while the big images load and all you see is a black screen. Direct Link Here: http://www.zuluonezero.net/games/