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  1. During this period I visited different interviews, there were different salaries, different working conditions, different schedules. But on every job, I did not like something. I was looking for three months. And I found such a job, which I go to with a great mood and return home with the same mood. I work with WritingCheap company. I wish you this too!!!!
  2. I need your help. I'm a student of The University of Illinois at Chicago. I got the task to create a presentation "Interrelation of Higher Mathematics and Informatics". I need to show the students that the modern stage of science is characterized by the interconnection of mathematics, physics, informatics and other branches of knowledge. With the search for the text for my report, there were no problems, I turned to the specialists of the Essayshark.com company. But I have a problem with in finding the right images for my presentation. Do you know some good resources? Thank you!
  3. I think it's a great game. I really like the atmosphere of this holiday. This is one of the oldest holidays in the world. By this time there we have only amusing and fascinating traditions of his celebration. I like these scary costumes. Thanks for the game!)
  4. Do you consider this project successful? It means if it will meet expectations in terms of experience, finance. I had a similar situation with work. When my contract ended, I was offered to extend it. But I decided to find a job in my hometown.
  5. I like listening to various DJs, when the music is rhythmic I work faster