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  1. Hey there, It is for beginners that's right. I just checked the first article and I linked to the source right there. Here's the exact sentence. Don’t worry though, here is the public Github repository, so that you can clone it and run it locally to play around with, or use as a starter for your own projects.
  2. Hi, I wanted to share a small game I made to try out Effector the state manager with Pixijs. hangman demo I wrote an article about it also Read more
  3. Your documentation says it's free until May 2018. After this date will the version I downloaded stop working, or is it time limited?
  4. coder2012

    Organising Code

    I have started on a game using PIXI and I'm using ES2015 so I can have classes. This could be the kind of abstraction you are used to. Feel free to have a look at my repo as it may help you! https://github.com/Coder2012/containers
  5. I have a prototype of a space shooter that I have been working on, just to play with pixijs and matterjs. https://github.com/Coder2012/pixi/tree/master/spaceshooter It's not perfect but you can see how i'm using matterjs engine to get the coords and then positioning sprites from that. I'm using ES2015 classes to abstract common stuff like a physicsSprite, so I'd start with app.js and physicsSprite.js to get the feel for what i'm doing. Hope it's useful
  6. Hi guys, I would like to know if there's a bunch of go to libraries that most game devs use with pixijs. The ones i'm using so far are: keyboardjs lucidjs (event handling) What are the must have libs for game dev with pixijs? Thanks
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