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  1. I am using a tilemap that is draggable and the world bounds are currently equal to the tilemap size. My goal to achieve is converting this simple tilemap to one that is looped by its eastern and western edges so if you scroll over the bounds to east or west you would see the map repeated with all the tiles and sprite objects on it. To describe it more technically I would like the user to feel that all tiles and objects showing up at any ((x % mapWidth), y) position. To fake this effect in case of tilemaps bigger than the screen, I suppose that I require at least two copies of the tilemap and all objects on it side by side. With that and the tricky repositioning of the camera over the two clones I could fake the seamless looping effect. But unfortunately I have no idea how to double the whole map content and make the other one show p when the bounds are crossed. Any hint on how to do that would be a great help.