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  1. Greetings! In the P2 Physics Engine outside of Phaser (server-side P2), is there a direct way of specifying world bounds? (To get same results as this example) Or do I have to manually specify each side? (Like this example) Thanks.
  2. Simply encapsulating the Client.sendMousePos(x,y) function in another function did the trick. Game.mouseTimer = game.time.events.loop( 100, Game.updateMousePos, Game.class ); Game.updateMousePos = function(){ Client.sendMousePos(game.input.mousePointer.x, game.input.mousePointer.y); };
  3. Greetings, Quick question: How do I dynamically update the arguments of this loop from the update function to reflect the actual coordinates of the pointer? (This loop is found in the create() function) Game.mouseTimer = game.time.events.loop( 100, Client.sendMousePos, Client.class, game.input.mousePointer.x, game.input.mousePointer.y ); I have already attempted several techniques, such as including this code snippet in the update function; However, it throws an Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property '0' of undefined error. Game.mouseTimer.args[0] = game.input.mousePoi
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