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  1. Hello I can not change the color of the text of a radio button. I use the following statement: button.color = "white"; line 45. It does not work, am I using the right instruction? Thanks for your help.
  2. Thank you and I have noted not to use private variables.
  3. I want to dynamically display the number of laps performed by an object. I tried this code, line 41, but it does not work. Thank you for helping me.
  4. My project is moving forward, and thanks to my progress with babylonjs I can do some nice things that I share with you (be patient the load is slow):
  5. Thanks Wingnut, We are two to have learned something today and in addition that resolves my problem ;-)
  6. Hello, I would like to display the value of the rotation z of a rotating object. I did a test on the PG (line 36), but it does not work. How should I do it ? Thanks for your help.
  7. I tryed to use bjs 3.2, but there is a error in the console : I load a babylon file with animations. The code line : With bjs 3.1, there is no this error. link to the page :
  8. I have the same problem with ff 58.0.2 64bits. I did some tests with another version of ff. No problem. I do not know where this comes from. Normal display Firefox display
  9. Hello, I had a similar problem, maybe the answer I got is going to help you
  10. In the first parent case 1 has a child child1 and child1 has three children child2, child3, child4. I want to keep parent1 and separate child1. But child1 must keep his children. is it more explicit ?
  11. Hello, I use a babylon file from blender. For my animation I use the arborscence as it defined with blender below: parent -> child1 -> child2 |child3 |child4 For the second part of my animation I want to change the tree: parent parent2(ex child1) -> child2 |child3 |child4 I do not find how to do it. I need help. Thank you
  12. Thanks for your help. montrerButtons cacherButtons in french ;-) !! And in addition it allows me to understand why I did not access the properties of the buttons. I will not use layermask, but your solution that works very well and that I understand it. It opens up a lot of possibilities. again thank you
  13. Thank you, I note for "note that the bold emphasis" . I had read a while ago but as on the PG of demo, there are two full screen GUI line 40 and line 199 that are used so I tried. But there is a second instruction that I do not understand line 200: advancedTexture.layer.layerMask = 2; Do you know its usefulness? If I work with a single full screen I have to find another way to make the button show / hide labels. I tried using the property isVisible but it does not work. An idea ?
  14. I'm working on two advancedDynamicTexture, one that is still active and the second that I show or remove for to display or not the labels: line 60 advancedTexture.dispose (); if i work with a single advanceddynamictexture, i lose the action show / hide labels
  15. Hello, I have a problem with the change of cursor on a hover button. On the PG I created two AdvancedDynamicTexture. First to create two buttons that display alternately. Their function is to display the labels associated with the meshes The mouse pointer changes well on the labels of the meshes but not on the button on the bottom left. And when I click to hide the labels then the mouse cursor changes to the button at the bottom left. I think it's related to the layers of the advancedDynamicTexture, but I have no idea to solve the problem. I need help. Thanks
  16. Thank's, I have no more errors, but at the PG console I do not see a loaded mesh. Is it linked to the error message of the camera ?
  17. Thank you for your answers. I modified the httpd.conf file of my apache server according to the following procedure: Open the httpd.conf file with a text editor (eg Brackets) and look for the line below. LoadModule headers_module modules / This line is used to activate the Apache module for customizing HTTP request headers. It must not begin with a # character (which places the rest of the line in comment). If this is the case, delete the # character. Then, add the following lines to the end of the file. <IfModule mod_headers.c> # Accept cross-domain requests Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" </ IfModule> Save your changes, then stop and restart Apache. >> I no longer have the error concerning the cross domain but I have the following error on the console: the GET request added ".manisfest?xxxxx" to the url, is this normal ?
  18. Hello, I'm trying to load a babylon file on the playground but without success. I get two errors including "[20:24:54]: Unable to load from Failed to load scene.". The url of the file is correct because the file opens on the browser. There is something that escapes me, can you help me catch up? thank you
  19. Thank's, I started this project since 2013 and I did not know anything about the web. And now I have realized 180 pages (technical drawing, bearings, measurement, etc.) and I continue ...