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  1. Thanks for the positive words! All of your suggestions sound like they would really add to the game without changing what it is. I'm glad you pointed out the puzzle aspect. That was kind of what I was thinking about when I was creating levels. I wanted there to be some thought involved when you were trying to figure out the best path to the coin/basket but I kind of abandoned the idea as I created later levels. I really like the idea of different platform types, since you're in a well it would make sense for there to be a slippery/wet platform that you slide across. That's just one example. Gl
  2. That's not bad, it's tricky to get to those platforms directly above you. The movement is tricky but I liked how hard it became to move your character around. Also, it used to be a lot harder haha.
  3. Thanks! That was kind of my plan. Just trying to get familiar enough with different problem solving methods to release a game and then take the knowledge I've gained and apply it to my next game. I've tried creating games in the past, but every time I would try, I would sit down with these massive games ideas and get discouraged because everything I was doing was new to me which would lead to me never completing any games. This time around I'm trying to create smaller, and progressively more complex games to build a knowledge/experience foundation and use that to start building more complex g
  4. Thanks for the input and for taking some time to play it! There are no moving platforms or monsters. I decided, for my first game I wanted to keep it simple although moving platforms hadn't even occurred to me when I started working on it. If i were to make a sequel I think it would make sense to incorporate one or both of those suggestions though and now that I've actually finished the game, I have some ideas on how I could. Thanks! although, that's probably a little misleading. Some of the code was reused from that Udemy course I mentioned so I can't take all of the credit. Th
  5. Hi everyone, I have just recently finished my first game and decided I should share it in the hopes of getting some constructive feedback to improve this game and, more importantly, my future games. The game is called Coin Collector and can be played here. The game actually started off as me just messing around with some of the things I have recently learned in the HTML5/JS Udemy courses by Chris DeLeon. Once I decided that I wanted to actually finish and release the game, I set a deadline for myself and began to clean up the code a bit to make it a bit easier to work with as the project progr
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