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  1. Thank you very much for the reply. That is amazing! It's so simple. I found a way to do what I wanted in JS without needing access to the action in the end. For future projects, this will be a lot quicker and very useful. :-) Another quick one.... Can I protect my files somehow? If I didn't want someone downloading and re-using my JSON for instance? Cheers, Marc
  2. Hi people! Babylonjs is an amazing bit of code and I am extremely grateful for it's very existence. Thank you for creating it and releasing it for free. Now... I am feeling a bit silly for asking this but I seem to have hit a bit of a road block. How do I access objects on the JSON so that I can instruct a camera to move to them smoothly ( to set as the central focus in the camera's rotational sphere ) and look at them while they are moving towards them. If fact, how do I access JSON items full stop? I know the names of the items in my JSON as I created it in blender and loaded it in the babylonjs editor but I can not seem to call them from code at all. I am also able to load it in BabylonJS. It is all there, ready to go but ... I ... CANT .... PLAY .... WITH .... IT ;-( What is the best way to address these items in JS? I can create a new mesh like basic cube and interact with it by following all of the super helpful tutorials and am considering just loading my scene as separate objs but I am thinking this could be a lot of potentially unnecessary extra work. Thank you very much in advance. I want to become a pro at BabylonJS but just need to get over this first hurdle! :-) ----- EDIT: I figured out the above and it was so simple that I feel like a complete dunce! I was tempted to delete this post to save my pride but I think it is worth leaving around for any other noobs to find! If you create a box in JS in babylonjs eg: var movingbox = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("box", 3.0, newScene); You can move the box on the x like this: movingbox.position.x = -5; If your models is part of the Json this works exactly the same way but you must call your model first: staticbox = scene.getMeshByName("staticbox"); ----- While I am in an asking sort of mood: can I call an action created in the action editor from JS? I have managed to do all sorts of other camera related bits from an overlaid html UI I have created. Marc