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  1. And fresh from the oven the video where I present the update :
  2. Thanks deltakoch. That's nice ! 😁
  3. Title : Audioguided visit of Artist's Place Author : Thierry Milard Ps: Works on any recent Smarphone on any web browser.
  4. For information I did correct a few glitches from the Internet sites and compatibility with Firefox and Edge on the 'Full-screen' mode. Everything works 100% now. So now The "tour of Paris Old-Fridge building" works also on a Smartphone on Firefox, Safari and Edge (and of course still on Chrome). And of course it still works on any PC or Macintosh. Thierry
  5. This is wonderfull to make all the les (fake) lights of a scene glow. I find the renderingof the glow looks nice . And seems very easy to program. Thanks
  6. All this in 6 months ! 😁 I am impressed (and jalous 😵😉).
  7. 3D Editor is always very chalenging... It looks really good !👑
  8. Good intro. Very professional. The only thing I would say to improve it perhaps to give user, when the ball is waiting, something they 'tells him' to drag the ball.
  9. Free-visit is now mobile also. It works with Swipe on touch devices. It's a bit heavy for middle range smarphones. But for powerfull mobile phones, works very well : http://free-visit.net/index.php/fr/23-modules-positions-50/building-entrance-webgl-2
  10. @ozRocker YEs I agree. But an "indoor google map" (or let's say indoor Bing Map ... hello Microsoft :-) ) has two sides : 1) The player. Thanks to babylonJs and a bit of my javascript coding it's ... done [I am sweeting here] 2) The '3D' scanner. To scann the geometry + textures of the rooms.... Not there yet. The future is too scan rooms and generate the javascript to the Player. But beliebe me, this is a VERY VERY VERY hard problem. I have been working on this too, since a long time. Some sucess. But boy is it hard. Everything is in small detail
  11. For me Smartphone is the direction of computing for consomation. In this regard BabaylonJS is the future of 3D API because it runs in any OS and any Navigator. And babylon JS is both simple to program and lean on execution. Cheers to the team !
  12. @Wingut The fact that I use "a lot" of textures is nice but acquisition of texture is now fairly simple : camera or Smartphone. I mean any standard person could do it. Now the fact that the '3D-couple" meaning Hardwair+babylon can cope with such a volume of pixels just still amazed me ! You know these "tour of refregirator scene" was buildt 3 years ago for a PC targeting a java+java3D API player. It did work ... on my good computer. But I was at the limit of my PC. I could feel heat coming out of the ventilation ! Today the same scene, with the same texture amount, wor
  13. Hello babylonJs colleagues. This is my latest project. Have a nice Day, Thierry, Paris http://free-visit.net/index.php/fr/23-modules-positions-50/building-entrance-webgl-2
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