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  1. I like this game, I sometimes play it on my android when I am bored ( it is funny how I thought I could make money out of this game or the other ones, got 63 rejection messages from different sponsors out of 63 messages sent to different sponsors lol, yeah, turned HTML5 isn't my type, I like web development more, kinda of rewarding more )
  2. Yeah, I should've added some in-gameplay tutorial, I didn't pay attention to the tutorials either, everybody would notice it is "Snakes And Ladders" clone. I like the graphics though :D, I am nothing of an artist but managed to put the pieces together :3 . I added a new game, maybe you'll see an improvement ( maybe not, I didn't put tutorials in the game either ... )
  3. Portals & Galaxies - Save your beloved planet by forbidding the aliens from stealing the polonium, enjoy a game where luck is the only hope in Portals&Galaxies ! Storyline - When humans found out that there is a stolen polonium on the moon stolen by the aliens, the aliens been investing this polonium in order to create a massive power to control the planet earth but with the power of our human soldier we can save our beloved planet by forbidding them from using that element against us . How To Play - The polonium is at the end of the electrified stages that you move on, each electrified stage has its own power that moves you, you can activate the stage by pressing on the stage button at the bottom of the page, Step in portals in order to teleport to higher level and beware of galaxies that teleport you to lower level . Little Game Twist - Land exactly on the polonium ! if the power of the electrified stage is too high your vehicle bounces back due to the nature of polonium power, the polonium absorbs the power of the stage and push you back with the exceeded power. for example, if you’re on stage 99 and the power was 4 your vehicle moves on the polonium then bounce back to 99, 98, 97 (one, two and three moves) if there’s a portal or galaxy at stage 97 your level raise or fall depending on it. Game Link - More Informations - Screenshots [Attachment]