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  1. Nooo the web version is throwing an error for me! It looks so amazing, I want to play it! Great job on artwork and looks really fun too! Awesome! Also, performance obviously works well using box 2d and mobile, did you run into anything to look out for when working with box2d plugin? Thanks!
  2. Thanks man, I really appreciate it
  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
  4. Hey Juan! Thanks for checking it out, shoot it looks like it didn't load all assets on first round, after refreshing were you able to see them? Thanks for pointing this out!
  5. Ha! this was actually so fun! Great job! I had to keep playing. Love that there are puzzle aspects to it as a platformer. Honestly, to polish this up I would add transition screen between levels, and maybe more coins to bring back to basket in level. Locks and keys would work really well in this I think, and moving platforms or different types of platforms, like ones you can slide across, or that disappear etc. Super awesome though and really fun, once again great job.
  6. This looks so polished! Great job, Love that it's multiplayer!!!
  7. fupersun


    This was a great concept and executed well. I don't know much about the rules of Cricket! I think it would be a great opportunity to teach people a little more so we know what the matching moves are doing! Ran great and really fun!
  8. Hey Everyone, I just released my first HTML 5 game with Phaser and excited to share with you all! A little background on the game: It took around 3 months for me to complete start to finish I created it with Phaser and Phonegap I created the art and dev’d it but bought the audio assets from Audiojungle.net My cousin made the title music The story: One day a little Chickie looked high in the sky and dreamed of flying. Of course, chickens can’t fly, so every-chickie made sure to mention it, but Chickie held fast to it’s dreams and was determined to fly. One day, it came across a magical hat that allowed it to fly! Finally! Chickie was flying high! …as long as it didn’t lose it… Fly as high as you can while avoiding birds, collecting coins, and unlocking new hats and playable characters! - Check out the desktop Web version on Kongregate here. (please feel free to Rate and Share, it helps a ton and is much appreciated) - And download the app on iOS here. - Once again thanks guys and looking forward to any questions and feedback! - Learn more about FuperSun I wanted to make something that I could get my feet wet with all of this and release my first app. I couldn’t have done it without all of you guys posting questions and answers, joshmorony.com and of course PHASER! Woot! Thanks for making such an AWESOME product, that’s so fun to work with! Also, releasing an update over the weekend that recycles sprites correctly (haha) and makes it buttery smooth after the higher levels (around 700 you may notice some lag with current version)