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  1. Ohh! I get it now! Thank you I think I know what I need to do
  2. Thank you! This is what I need. Problem is that when I move cloneMesh(); outside of the successCallback it gives me an error that it cannot clone property of undefined. How should I get around this?
  3. Hello everyone! I am making a multiplayer game where I need to load players on demand whenever they come into the game. I have tried searching for hours but nothing seems to be working, so I came here. The closest thing to what I need was from here but it still doesn't really work for me and here's why. I need to clone a mesh on //called when a new player other than yourself joins socket.on('New Player', function(data) { }); and on //list of current players when you first join socket.on('listoplayers', function(data) { }); I have loaded the player mesh in an assetsManager and I would like to clone this mesh in these functions. Is there a way to this or a way around doing this? Also, here is the playground from the other topic: Hopefully, I explained that properly and if not, I'll explain in the comments. Thank you!
  4. Hello! This is exactly what I need. But I want to add a few more things. First, I will need to be able to retrieve the rotation of the craft(I can't do this right now with console.log(craft.rotation)) and second, I would like it so that when you hold down "A" or "D," it doesn't turn all the way upside down. I would like to restrict the z rotation to maybe 45 degrees. Thanks for helping me out!
  5. I would just like a simple control for the user in which when the user wants to turn to the left or right, he can do it easily(hitting the arrow key or mouseX position, preferably mouse) and still have a semi-accurate movement of a plane. And keep in mind that I will need to be able to retrieve the accurate rotation of the plane at all times. Thanks for your effort
  6. Thank you guys! Do you think its possible to do this JohnK using mouse controls or any other way?
  7. Ummm.... I'm not even sure how to start, I guess I can just make a box that moves. Basically, you know how when a plane turns to the left or right it sort of banks on its own z-axis. When turning to the left it turns counterclockwise on its z-axis and when turning right it turns clockwise on its z-axis. I basically just want to fix this example
  8. Basically, what I am trying to do is replicate the rotation and movement of a plane. Does anyone at all know how to do this? I've been searching for a while and I either can't find anything or I can't understand it. Soooo could anyone explain it to me like I'm five? Thanks! I will also need to be able to receive the rotation vector of the plane at all times.
  9. Alright cool! Does setting up a server do anything as it has to do with the server talking to the client code or is that just a waste of time? Thanks!
  10. I have a question about my node.js Babylon.js game that I'm making and I am wondering what is the best way to post about it. I know that for most questions you need to make a playground and I am wondering if I should still do this as it is a node.js example or if I should just give the code. Thanks!
  11. Thank you Jaskar, I have tried to do this but whenever I try to send the rotation, it is always 0. Is this because I am sending it as rotation.x, rotation.y, and rotation.z? Thanks!
  12. Hello! I am trying to make a multiplayer third-person shooter using node.js, express, and I was wondering what is the best way to send the rotation of a player from the client to the server and to the other clients. Thanks!
  13. Hello! I am trying to create a multiplayer node game and I need to create a box in a function. How can I do this? Thanks!
  14. I am trying but I can't seem to get it to work even though it works when I run a local sever on my computer