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  1. RT @nikeshashar: Thanks to the entire team @makersacademy and all our awesome grads who are job-hunting on Monday! #hireadev #learntocode

  2. I can't believe how quickly you're updating this! I'm currently learning my way through ImpactJS, but knowing how much time and effort you've put in to both this and kiwi.js I'm gonna have to check this out very soon, I suspect your framework(s) will be ultimately more flexible to work with than Impact.
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this! It can be tricky to find the decent books and tutorials in amongst all of the not so good ones out there - this is much appreciated.
  4. The post title says it all really but if anybody's interested in impact JS it's down to half price until April 8th. This sale came at the perfect time for me - I was about to buy it this week anyway http://impactjs.com/buy-impact
  5. Yeah I've noticed this too, a thread I posted stayed at 0 views for a few days then jumped straight up to 173 views, and it's now stayed at 173 for weeks when I'm sure it must have been viewed more times since. Rich you need to employ someone to hit the refresh button every few minutes
  6. Web 3D Game Developers Gain Access to the Apple and Android Markets for First Time; Technology Demos This Week at GDC SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 25, 2013) - Ludei, the only HTML5 platform that brings native performance and features to mobile game developers, today announced it is adding 3D support to its game development platform, finally making it possible for developers to deliver WebGL 3D games to virtually any mobile device. http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/ludei-opens-door-developers-publish-3d-html5-games-virtually-any-mobile-device-1771343.htm
  7. Oh my - I thought I knew what to expect until I clicked the link - that motion is so smooth it looks pre-rendered!
  8. I'll write a post about the forum on my blog redacted. Edit: that blog doesn't exist anymore, although I do have a newer website/blog linked in my signature.
  9. Not strictly aimed at game dev, but some useful tips in here nonetheless... http://browserdiet.com/
  10. "Selling a game license, finalizing a deal for revenue shares from IAP or subscription revenues is always connected with big portion of time spent on negotiations, and setting up an agreement conditions. Since the beginning of finding new business opportunities there is always the same process which in many cases may be hard, exhausting, annoying, and it can take away the time you could spend on developing parts of the game you started. Unfortunately, if you really care that your game will be safely licensed to a sponsor/publisher, you should really put highest focus on this process. The time
  11. You sure can, both .svg and .svgz (compressed). Even some of the more advanced Illustrator features like custom brushes get converted to outlines on export so you should be able to get almost anything you need in to SVG format.
  12. I hadn't heard of those two rich, I've tried spriting with nothing but the Photoshop pencil tool and it certainly takes a while! There's a great list of tools here too if anybody hasn't seen it yet: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/tools/
  13. Photoshop and Illustrator do compliment each other nicely and I use both regularly even though most of my work starts in Illustrator, sometimes Photoshop is useful for creating promo screenshots etc. Depending on budget and needs one of the cheaper Creative Suites that contains both might be a good option. Especially if you're eligible for the education discount Best bet is to download both as 30 day trials and get a feel for them.
  14. Illustrator all the way for me! Vectors win hands-down for everything from the game assets to the gui and logos. You never know what high resolution devices will exist in the future so having the option to go back and re-export the same graphics at any resolution is a great safety net. It's also great in the drawing stage to be able to scale and edit things endlessly without worrying about degrading quality. I would go for Photoshop if I were going for a pixelated retro look though.
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