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  1. Let me ask you something, Morgondag. The screen coordinates starts at the top-left of the screen or bottom-left? Or it's just everything the html5 way?
  2. Thanks Rich! I will give a look right away.
  3. Hello guys! There's a good IDE to work with typescript on mac? Thanks!
  4. I was bugging Nintendo for some time, and looks like that the "Brazil Problem" is a hardware one. I have to get deep on this yet, but maybe it does have something about policies on importing hardware. There's some friends of mine that are paying three times the Ouya price in taxes just to get it here (on Brazil).
  5. You guys have any kind of update about this topic? I`ve signed on Nintendo to know more about Nintendo Framework, but they replied that they dont work with brazilians yet. It sucks and I would love to know more about it!
  6. That's very interesting! There's more info on how to get in?
  7. Thanks for the reply Davey! I was reading your posts under HTML5 category on photonstorm.com. But are you sure plain javascript is a good start? The genius here discovered that js does not have all that good oop on it, and that scares me a lot! The microsoft video on TypeScript looks convincing. Or maybe it's better to get some js first to know whats under the table?
  8. Hum... I am a little confused. May someone help me? I'm getting to know html5 land yet, and the phaser idea looks very interesting. Im personally interested on that Nintendo Framework, that looks like to wrap html5 work on apps for WiiU. If I choose the TypeScript path, it will get a little harder to try that Nintendo Framework when it comes out, for example? I dont know if I'm talking bullshit, this html5 thing is really new to me.
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