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  1. Hi Tom, I've managed to look through the example you provided and seem to have a working solution, although there are issues with it not always redrawing the level tile graphics when resizing. The width of the game is wider than a single screen but not an endless scroll. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks Tom, would this also work for a platformer without the endless scroll feature?
  3. Hi, First I apologise if this has already been covered but I have searched and searched and not found a clear answer. In basic terms, I am trying to build a horizontal scrolling platformer that resizes as you change the size of its container. The functionality that I am trying to achieve can be seen in the Melon JS engine and results in no blank bars to the left & right or top & bottom. Thanks in advance. David
  4. Look like I was a little premature. The image layer seems to be cropping the image to less than the visible area, please see screenshot. That black space should not be there. The image is sized to match the level width so I'm not sure whats going on? This area of black seems to increase and decrease depending on the browser window ratio. Wider the browser less black you see. Is this a bug? Thanks
  5. Hi Parasyte, Thanks for the info, that seems to have done the trick.
  6. Hi, I'm having issues trying to add a gradient to the background of my platformer game. I have worked out that, due to the WebGL renderer, the images used need to be either square or width = height x 2. My issue is that the stage is width = height x 4. I thought I could just add two image layers and align them next to each other with the "repeat" property set to "no-repeat" but this does not work. Even though the offset for my second level is correct the image is getting repeated over the first image. Is there a better solution. What I need is a gradient that goes from dark to light top to bottom but also changes from left to right so that it feels that night is falling as you walk through the level. I hope this makes sense, you help would be much appreciated. Thanks Dave