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  1. Twiggy

    To late?

    Hello Everyone, Weekend is going well. Been away from the scene for a few years due to reasons and want to hop back into the saddle with html5games probably with Panda2 or Phaser3. Is it to late to enter into the market? I'm looking towards Facebook instant games or even just placing them on a portal site. Any insight into this topic would be appreciated, Twiggy
  2. It didnt give me a line on m in the editor but if it pops up again I should check the console?
  3. Hello @enpu, I still received the :Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property "indexOf" of undefined. Im going to try rewriting that class entry altogether. Thank you for the speedy reply
  4. game.module( 'game.main' ) .body(function() { game.addAsset('square.png'); game.createScene('Main', { backgroundColor: 'blue', init: function() { //add Physics = new game.Physics(); = 2000; //boundary physics body(floor) var floor = new game.Body(); var shape = new game.Rectangle(); //shape of physics body shape.width = game.width; shape.height = 60; //position for floor physics body floor.position.x = game.width / 2; floor.position.y = game.height - 30; //collision floor.collisionGroup = 1; floor.static = true; //add created shape to body floor.addShape(shape); //add body to world floor.addTo(; //roof / top collision var roof = new game.Body(); roof.position.x = game.width / 2; roof.position.y = 30; roof.collisionGroup = 1; roof.static = true; roof.addShape(shape); roof.addTo(; //Left / Right Border collision var borderL = new game.Body(); var borderShape = new game.Rectangle(); borderShape.width = 60; borderShape.height = 900; borderL.position.x = 30; borderL.position.y = game.height / 2; borderL.collisionGroup = 2; borderL.static = true; borderL.addShape(borderShape); borderL.addTo(; var borderR = new game.Body(); borderR.position.x = game.width - 30; borderR.position.y = game.height / 2; borderR.collisionGroup = 2; borderR.static = true; borderR.addShape(borderShape); borderR.addTo(; //containers this.obstacleLayer = new game.Container(); this.playerLayer = new game.Container(); this.collectableLayer = new game.Container(); //add containers to the stage this.obstacleLayer.addTo(this.stage); this.playerLayer.addTo(this.stage); this.collectableLayer.addTo(this.stage); this.player = new game.Player(); this.player.sprite.addTo(; } }); game.createClass('Player', { init: function() { this.sprite = new game.Sprite('square.png'); this.sprite.anchorCenter(); this.body = new game.Body(); this.body.position.x = game.width / 2; this.body.position.y = game.height - 100; //possible collision groups this.body.collideAgainst = [1,2]; this.body.velocityLimit.y = 1150; var shape = new game.Rectangle(); shape.width = this.sprite.width; shape.height = this.sprite.height; this.body.addShape(shape); this.body.addTo(; this.body.collide = this.collide.bind(this); } }); }); Hey Guys, work finally slowed down enough to give me time to give Panda2 another shot but I need some help. I receive this error, but am not sure what it means when I edit the Player class "this.body.collide = this .collide.bind(this); Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined when I try to comment that section out it gives me Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined what am I missing? Also if I made an error in how I posted let me know so I dont in the future.
  5. Building JavaScript Games by Arjan Egges was a good one if your looking for pure JS, little dated now but still.
  6. Didnt Elliots Quest have like a quick demo a while back?
  7. Hello Everyone hope the holidays are treating everyone nicely so far. Does anyone have any articles or youtube videos they have found interesting regarding HTML5 games in general? Not tutorials but something they found as s good read or listen to for general design or buisness practices on the subject? I liked reading T.Vs blog posts and several of the videos from CasualConnect on youtube and wondered if anyone had others they found particularly informative. Best wishes, Twiggy
  8. Twiggy

    Game Art

    I would give Inkscape a try for a free program, I suck but I can made some basic graphics for atleast a place holder.
  9. I loved Aion due to the rich story and amazing character customization and it does have open world battles both on land and in the air, usually it started out fun but then one side gets pushed to the guards and it becomes guard hugging and spamming insults. Since it went F2P a while back though I think it went downhill, it has one of the least obvious P2W style models ive seen out of F2P MMOs but still, lost alot of the love I think I still like reading fanfiction and stuff because again, it had a rich story and world building.
  10. Was really big into Aion at one point, plus the obligatory WoW Phase we all have.......though now I play mostly overwatch.
  11. Twiggy

    Text Tutorials

    ......Dont suppose you can make a text tutorial on building a multi million dollar html5 Game Dev company from the ground up next? J/K Seriously though thanks for being so fast on this stuff.
  12. Twiggy

    Text Tutorials

    Hey Everyone, Any text based tutorials for Panda2? Even if its the basics? Im more of a book learner than a video learner. Thanks if anyone can link one
  13. Twiggy

    Stupid question

    I kinda meant what form does the JS take, is it like typescript or regular JS but the question was still answered so thank you very much. I love the editor and your always fast response. Thank you @enpu
  14. Twiggy

    Stupid question

    Hey Everyone, stupid question im relatively new to Js in general mostly using GMS:2. Panda2, is using typescript or like...#strict javascript? If I learn Javascript will it transfer over to using the framework? From what little JS ive been learning from CodeAcademy, im able to read some of it but still alot confuses me. Anyways, Thanks for anyone looking at this.