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  1. This is cool. I could use this in my own projects.
  2. Very cool! Love the name pymp. Wish I was one myself!
  3. I already posted about Francois DIY on the game showcase forum. However, for those of you who don't know... Francois DIY is a game maker that I built. It is written in JavaScript. Flappy Bird is created from scratch in the video posted below: Video Link: My Twitch: I stream the creation of games and play games in Francois DIY. You should check it out.
  4. You can go directly to the website. It uploaded the app there.
  5. Thanks! I am currently working on character programming. I will take your advice and do a Flappy Bird demo. People seem to love that game!
  6. Thank you! Yep, the project is evolving but I'm excited about creating new characters and levels in it!
  7. I went down this path. First started to release stuff on Android Market but no avail. Anyways, to answer your question. There are plenty of markets out there where you can upload your game and charge a modest price for it. Some examples are Google Play, iPhone Market (for mobile html5), Etsy (digital downloads possible), Firefox Marketplace. I don't know of others off of the top of my head but this is the route I went a while ago. The steam market also seems to be the thing as well. If you do release HTML 5 game wrap it in a shell like Electron or NW.js. They're stand-alone browsers with Node.js set up to allow local file access and stuff. This would get rid of your cross browser compatibility issue because these shells are built off of Chrome. As for making money off of the app its a matter of luck. If your game appeals to the public you may make a good amount but must people don't appear to make much or anything at all because of competition and stuff. I see packaging and CDs for my game maker app on Etsy and make a decent amount of cash on it. I don't expect to make money off of just the app by itself.
  8. Was worried for a second. I wrote mine as native but it runs on Electron. All javascript and html 5.
  9. This is a project that I have been working on for a year or so. It is a game development studio equipped with a pixel paint editor, map editor, code editor, game engine, store, and message board. It is even possible to edit the source code of the app via a built in editor. My motivation for creating this is to create a tool that I can use to create my games and share with others. Something like Mario Maker. This project is written 100% in JavaScript and uses Electron as a platform to run. Francois DIY was once a web site but due to network lag and downtime I made it native. Anyways, would like to share and maybe have level built for me! Access online: Video of Project in Action: