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  1. Sorry to post here but I'm moving to my website. Can you delete my account?
  2. Hello, Francois Software here. I have a web site which has a game development studio that runs from it. Written in 100% HTML 5 with JavaScript. It has its own sprite engine and scripting language called C-Lesh. The name is Game Lab. Also on the site are various stories for the games and articles about programming.
  3. I love cooking! Have you played Pizza frenzy?
  4. The graphics are awesome, especially for JavaScript. Keep it up!
  5. I found this site. It offers some free graphics. https://craftpix.net/freebies/free-environment-props-3d-low-poly-models/
  6. This is interesting. I will look into datasets. I am new at isometric gaming and have not created one yet. Thank you!
  7. The game is fun. I played it for a bit and loved it!
  8. Good work! Can't wait to see finished project!
  9. Posted from my website. The World of Isometric Collision Detection Isometric gaming is new to me so far. I have actually never created an isometric game. I will be creating a game in the future called the Chronicles of the Bicycle Brothers and this will be isometric. So far I am looking at two games that are isometric. That is: Super Mario RPG and... Earthbound Both of these games are clearly isometric but it looks like Earthbound is slanted at 30 degrees. It seems that not too many games are isometric. Most games that I have seen that are RPG or adventure are top-do
  10. Posted from my site. Collision Detection in 2D Platform Games Throughout the years I have experimented with collision detection. At first I created an arcade game and used points to detect collision. It worked and apparently I got it right but didn't know that. However, I wanted to refine it so I tried something else and did not get it quite right. Then, just recently, I used the old method that I used for collision detection and figured out that I had it right from the beginning! In this article I will go through the various collision detection methods that I used and why I chose them.
  11. Posted from my site. Slope Collision Detection So one big thing that would make Trail Hogs a better game is to be able to go up and down hills because that is what I do when I ride the bike. So to accomplish this I will need to learn how to do slope collision detection in 2D at least for now! Coordinates The first thing to think about when dealing with slope collision are the coordinates. After thinking about this for a while it appears that only the Y coordinate needs to be modified when colliding with a slope. The X coordinate stays the same. The Y coordinate is cal
  12. I created a sprite engine and a game dev studio in JavaScript. I allow configuration of the gamepad from the site and I can say it works fine on Firefox and other browsers. This has been true for the past year or so.
  13. Well, I'm in. I totally want to not work for 20 or 30 more years. I could release my game at some point when it is mature and tested. Would never need to step into an office again!
  14. Steam is a good place to publish games.
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