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  1. I want to share a small PDF booklet with JavaScript coding challenges: https://codeguppy.com/site/download/50_coding_challenges.pdf These coding challenges are designed for beginners and intended to offer the foundation that they may need when developing mini-games on https://codeguppy.com or any other platform.
  2. Hi, I'd like to build an arcade cabinet to allow kids / students that develop games on the codeguppy.com platform to run them (showcase them) on the big arcade cabinet. The big problem are the hardware controls: joystick and buttons. Do you have experience mapping these to an HTML5 game?
  3. These are a few JavaScript coding challenges designed for beginners. You need to have basic JavaScript language understanding... then you can try to solve these. GitHub format: https://github.com/CodeGuppyPrograms/CodingChallenges PDF booklet format: https://codeguppy.com/site/download/50_coding_challenges.pdf P.S. Solutions provided
  4. Did you ever used p5.js to build 2D games? This library is pretty popular with beginners. If you did... then you may find codeguppy.com website of interest to you. The engine used by codeguppy.com is based on p5.js and p5.play but adds some other additions appealing to beginners: easy sprite manipulation ability to build multi-scene games extended API This quick tutorial is intended for p5.js connoisseurs that want to learn more about codeguppy.com https://codeguppy.com/code.html?t=_p5 Please take a look and let me know your impressions.
  5. You can access the source code of many JavaScript games on https://codeguppy.com You can fork the source code directly on codeguppy.com and reshare your new game. If you prefer to download the source code... and adapt it to other platforms you can also visit the associated github account.
  6. https://codeguppy.com is a platform to develop games intended to new coders. It comes with built in assets. drag-and-drop.mp4
  7. Reskinning games is a big business... especially in the mobile world. I think however that beginners can also use this technique and also learn some elements of coding in JavaScript. For instance, this Pong game can be reskinned by adding only 1 line of code at the beginning: e.g. background('Music');
  8. Thank you for your very genuine review and feedback. I looked at your b10bgames site (in the profile) and I'm impressed with those games. Can I ask how you advertise them and who are your usual customers? Thanks!
  9. Are you familiar with LinkedIn? Besides posting their resume, people are also using LinkedIn to sharing and post articles on a wide range of topics. Many times they just post quotes or lists of various interests. I thought to add a little bit of interactive to these posts, therefore made a puzzle like game that users have to solve in order to reveal the information (in this case a list of books): https://codeguppy.com/run.html?ad/books_managers What do you think about using gaming concepts in the business / advertisement world in this way?
  10. Thanks for the feedback. The game is basic as is intended to be implemented by beginners following a tutorial (click the link at the bottom of the page to see the source code). By the way: what tool did you use to generate the animated gif?
  11. This a new series of micro-games for kids that code. The games may look simplistic to the average casual gamer, but these simple games can be used as starting points in a game development career. First 2 games are classic "arcade" games, while the 3rd one is a classic "text adventure" game. Also - do not forget that these games come with source code. You can open the editor, inspect the source code and even modify it. Plane vs Objects https://codeguppy.com/run.html?plane_objects Falling balloons https://codeguppy.com/run.html?falling_bal
  12. Here are 3 micro puzzle games for kids and beginners. These games are intended to teach beginners game programming with JavaScript -- therefore there are offered in full source code. You can inspect the source code and then fork it and make your own version of the game (for instance you can easily customize the background and add some interesting image). Another useful feature - these mini games can be used as electronic greeting cards. You can customize the games to display a personal message after the user solves the puzzle! Once you do this modifications, share your persona
  13. I want to present you 3 mini games for kids made in pure JavaScript. Pop Balloons https://codeguppy.com/run.html?pop_balloons Breakout https://codeguppy.com/run.html?breakout Pong https://codeguppy.com/run.html?pong The games are playable as is... but more importantly is that the source code is included for beginners to learn how are made. What do you think about this games? What about teaching coding to beginners through game building?
  14. Actually www.codeguppy.com has a built in code editor (e.g. development tool) that appeals to beginners, especially those interested in game development.
  15. I want to present you an online coding platform that helps beginners learn JavaScript, and in the same time offers creative individuals an easy environment to build mini JavaScript games with multi-scenes, sprites and nice backgrounds: www.codeguppy.com Kids in the 80's used their home computers (Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, etc.) as ideal platforms for learning computing concepts and coding. CodeGuppy.com tries to recreate the same experience by offering multiple coding tutorials on top of an online coding platform ideal for developing mini games. Pleas
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