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  1. Animation class, perfect! I completely forgot about those. Also, I'll add debug rendering, thanks hotfeet for the ideas. Thanks mattstyles for the idea! I been trying to keep everything separate with minimal imports from each other, but I'll try to improve the code to make them as standalone as possible
  2. I'm getting ready for the js13k competition by refining and expanding my TypeScript Game Framework MINI.ts with the goal to let me make 2D games as fast as possible. My current plans are to work on Clean up Canvas Renderer Implement 2D WebGL renderer Implement Steering Behavior Refine basic physics Implement QuadTrees and Chunking Implement Terrain generation Implement some standard UI elements Improve the build process and get the TS code to generate JSDocs so that I can use Google's Closure compiler to get a smaller file size I'm looking for other ideas of features I might need later on or that make help speed up developer later on.