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  1. You may have seen this since Richard already gave it a retweet (thanks!), but I'm sharing it here too! OGOPOGO is a new, palindrome-based block-matching puzzle game, named for the famous Canadian lake monster. It's been in some form of development in my spare time for over a year, and had its initial release this week! It has its own custom scaling system that allows it to work well on any type of device, from high-DPI phones to desktop computers to tablets. The canvas can get very large, so Chrome tends to perform best. Play it here!
  2. Thank you so much! I'm very proud of the design, but I wasn't sure how much wide appeal it would have. I have no plans to monetize it for now (at least, not this incarnation of it), but it's great to know that there's interest in games like this! These are the kind of comments that make me feel like I could make a career in the gamedev industry someday. 😉
  3. Draw a route through each floor to capture the numbers within! Play through 30 hand-designed levels, or test your skills in an endless procedurally-generated dungeon! It's the weird, niche puzzle game you've always wanted. Play it here! This game started as a doodle in a notebook 2 years ago, and has finally come to life. This is the first game for which I've made the design, code, art, and music all by myself, and I'm elated with how well it turned out! I'm especially proud of the procedurally-generated levels, which are interesting and challenging even for me!
  4. Yikes, turns out there was a big issue with the collision detection because the version of Phaser on my website was two versions behind the one I used to develop the game! It should be fixed now.
  5. Hi! I've made several game prototypes over the past few years, but so far haven't managed to turn any of them into something more finished. Until now! Blast Down is a game about testing the world's first jetpack while fighting off waves of rogue robots. You can play it in your browser right now, and I'm planning on porting it to Android soon!
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