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  1. Thank you so much, that's really what i wanted, I can play around with that code now and can learn and understand from it. If you can, can you provide working code like that one, with your method? But, Anyways, you are a life saver, thanks a lot man. May God bless you. Regards.
  2. Hey, Thank you for replying so fast. I can understand some of the things in the code you have posted but can not understand a few parts. Specially the first block of code. I am very new to Pixi but not to game development (Unity User). Can you please explain more about what's happening in this code? Sorry for being such a newbie. Regards.
  3. Hey, I want to create a scratch card effect, as there are in games with luck and all where you scratch on some image and in the scratched area you can see the image below it. I think this can be done by manipulating pixels somehow, but i am not experienced with pixi and don,t know how to do it exactly. It will be a great help if you point out a way or tutorial to do it, or give a basic code snippet here to help me figure this mechanism out. Regards.