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  1. What is a site-lock sponsorship and primary? I only know non-exclusive or exclusive... And how could I show my games if I was after an exclusive sponsorship?
  2. Hey, littlegiant! But do you think it's alright to show that to possible publishers/sponsors?
  3. Hi, I was looking for free solutions to host my game in order to show them to publishers/sponsors? Do itch.io or Newgrounds work? Thanks!
  4. I think you can only choose between those 3 is by your level if you are a beginner or a not so beginner because for example GameMaker has d'n'd but also has code so it makes it more suitable for a transition from d'n'd to actual code, construct2 is just d'n'd is more for beginners, and Phaser is just code makes it harder because you have to write more code so is less visual! It also as to do with preference because I have seen very good developers that like to use construct for quick prototypes since is easier to just drag and drop pieces of code instead of writing everything from scratch
  5. You don't really need to be good at doing art, what you need is to creatively use your limits to create something amazing! There are tons and tons of people that are not good at making art for their games but they used their creativity to overcome their lack of drawing skills. For example, Thomas was Alone are just squares, Geometry Dash more squares, And NotGTAV the graphics are not that good but is a good concept where the art just fits even if it is not that good!
  6. There are 2 of my favorites: Moomoo.io - It is a game just about gathering resources and building your farm. Bellum.io - This one is about building your army and conquer enemy territory. Bellum.io
  7. .IO stands for input/output that is why they initially put that into their game's website because it was just a game with input and output but now the truth is that it just became a trend because of popular games like agar.io and it just looks cool!
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