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  1. Hello, What are all the config keys for game.config, so I need to know How can I move engine folder to a general directory to be re-used for all games and in every game develop the modules tha I need. I mean I, I would like get this structure: . ├── README.md ├── assets │ ├── Audios │ └── Images ├── common │ └── pandajs │ └── engine └── src └── demo ├── game │ ├── background.js │ ├── board.js │ ├── box.js │ ├── frog.js │ ├── index.js │ ├── interactiveimage.js │ ├── mainText.js │
  2. @Ninjadoodle Thanks a lot, I made s little test with mousemove and touchmove, but need improve it, I'll watch it.
  3. Hi, Is possible make drag and drop using panda.js? So I have did it on pixi.js, but testing panda.js I love it, so get many good things, but now the only thing that I haven't did it is make drag and drop, I have tested events like mousedown, mouseover, but mousemove doesn't exist, but I don't know if I can add event listener to a sprite o or how can I solve this situation. Thanks.
  4. Hi, How can I use panda with ES6? I mean, I downloaded the code (with get an index.html, engine and game dorectories) I have tested and in main.js works fine, but I want to import panda on another javascript file to get all core using the import, just import game from 'engine/core' But i get a small object, but doesn't get a full object, for example, I don't get the complete object My structure is this . └── demo ├── _demo │ ├── assets │ │ └── Images │ │ ├── frog.jpg │ │ └── logo.png │ └── settings.json ├── app.j
  5. Perfecto, so I think that I will change Pixi to Panda, so we need simple games and must being very fast, and really I have loved features of panda. Thanks
  6. @Ninjadoodle Great, so really at the begining I think pixi is good, but when I seen Panda.js I loved it, so has many good things, for example better way to make animations, scenes, etc. Now I am testing Pixi to make many games, but really I have had many problems, and have been some hard make animations fine. Knowing this, I have only one question in this moment, What framework (or library) is better to mane games (pixi, the current version of panda (or wait next updates), or what option )? I mean, we need an option to learn the basic quickly, so I have used pixi almos two weeks and really
  7. Hi, Is good idea today use panda.js?, so I understand that panda isn`t updated and in the repo las commits are of three years ago, and I am studying Pixi.js and I have many questions and dicumentations isn't enought, so for example I want to use scenes, make good animations but with pixi has been complicated for me. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I am using pixi-sound on a game with pixi.js and now I can't start my game because I get an error for the fs ERROR in ./node_modules/pixi-sound/dist/pixi-sound.es.min.js Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'fs' in '/Users/davidh/Documents/Jobs/XXXX/node_modules/pixi-sound/dist' resolve 'fs' in '/Users/davidh/Documents/Jobs/XXXX/node_modules/pixi-sound/dist' Parsed request is a module using description file: /Users/davidh/Documents/Jobs/XXXX/node_modules/pixi-sound/package.json (relative path: ./dist) Field 'browser' doesn't contain a valid alias config
  9. With this new structure works fine. I changed my structure, and now is working, now I must solve how can I add to an animation fileset, so that was a real problem Thank you
  10. @ivan.popelyshev Thanks for all, I tried with next code and worked fine, but in my game structure doesn't work fine.I want to ask you, What is the best way to make the game using classes? I mean, separate sprites by classes and that each one get on its constructor another sprites to use them and apply on them animations. import * as Pixi from 'pixi.js'; import './styles.scss'; const initConfig = { antialias: false, transparent: true, resolution: 1, }; const app = new Pixi.Application(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight, initConfig); document.querySelector('.pixi-conta
  11. Perfect, so like this is a thing of the job I can't share it, but I don't know if you know where is an example with one of these cases to watch how are many animations on an app. I'll make a similar demo like the job code and share it with you. Thank you.
  12. I changed const to let and doesnt work, I don't know why Thanks for help
  13. @ivan.popelyshev I made what you tell me and if I want when finish current animation (myTween) start another animation doesn't start, and I don't know if is for the remove, and I have tried removing that function and only call another animation and it fails. initFrogAnimation() { let counter = 0; let frames = 0; const animation = () => { if (frames === 12) { this.app.ticker.remove(animation); this.moveFrog(); } if (counter === 20 && frames < 13) { counter = 0; frames += 1; this.Frog.choose(frames);
  14. @ivan.popelyshev Thank you for the answer, I'll test it on a moment, so I have reviewed the source, but I don't understand somethings but is great.
  15. Hello, I am developing a game, and in a parte o this I need move and sprite and after some events move many sprites, but using app.tocker.add doesn't work In a first part I used this code to move a box appearBoxOrigin() { let counter = 0; this.app.ticker.add(() => { if (counter === 35) { counter = 0; this.app.ticker.stop(); this.addInteractiveImagesToOriginBox(); this.appearBoxHighLow(); } else { this.Boxes.origin.sprite.x -= 10; counter += 1; } }); } Afer I used this another code to m
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